Friday, August 22, 2008

Another day, another dollar at CRH...

Our jobs have gone to the toilet!!!
(Not really, we had a super-fun day!)

Camping out...

The bunk beds were a bit small...

Posing with hand puppets...

Seeing how strong we are after eating "junk" for lunch...

Washing pots for an art project for Friday...

Today, Friday, is Bad Hair day in Columbus and they are going to paint faces on the pots and plant grass seed in the pots to grow bad hair...

Yesterday was a much better day for our group, who once again got cancelled from St Francis. We spent the day at kidscommons here in Columbus cutting pictures out of old Encyclopedia's. Shirley thought her dad might have a heart attack if he saw he cutting up those precious book. The needed pictures for art projects and the books were obviously outdated. We had a great time, sitting around the table and chatting about everything we knew and then some... We'll be the first to volunteer to go back there any day!!!



Looks like a fun-filled work day! You deserve it after that kitchen day! :)


I would DEFINITELY vote for the Kids' Commons job any day, even if involved jumping into a toilet!
Looks like fun!
See you in a little while!


Love it! That's where I want to work when GD moves back to care for his aging parents. :)


Glad you got to have a fun day! I'm sure both days will be work days you won't soon forget!!! It's almost September.....Counting the days with you until the end of October!


Looks like you had lots of fun. I like your shirt...I have one too..


That would be right up my alley...And I'm glad it's Bad Hair Day in Columbus, cause mine is beautiful... :)


Well, that definitely looks like more fun than making salisbury steaks. :) That looks like a fun place........! (Ben would love that huge toilet. LOL) Is that like a museum near the mall or what?

Amy Shearer

Sounds like my kind of volunteer work! I could definitely get into that - having fun, working on art projects all day. You poor certainly had it rough!

You deserved it after having to cook for 400 people though!!! Bet that's why you got the plush job this time.

Greg n Anna Cubs

I didn't know that you had to be an RN to work there!