Thursday, August 14, 2008

He survived day #1!!!

What a cute sight to see our little guy rounding the bus and running up the driveway! He even gave me a big hug as he walked in the door. His smile was worth a thousand dollars to me! He was sooooo excited that he got to ride the bus home from school! Peyton was standing there crying and saying "I wanna ride the school bus!" (Oh how I wish they could too! ;)
Today at school, Parker was told to draw a picture of whatever he wanted. He says he drew a picture of a school bus and a pizza!!! (Must've been his "favorite things" for the day!)
Parker can't wait until tomorrow morning. He said they are "going to read, have music, have gym and then ride the bus!"
I think we will be able to survive after all!!! Now, I am off to fix a hungry boy some pizza for lunch!



Way to go, Parker!


Great job Parker....and mommy :@) for surviving the first day of kindergarten. As I dropped Kerrigan off this morning she told me she was nervous...not what a mother wants to hear! As we pulled up to the sidewalk she jumped out gave me a kiss and looked so grown up walking in. By the way...those are some snazzy shoes Parker has! He told me last night at the orientation he was so excited about wearing them...cute! It is hard to believe Carter will be in kindergarten next year...or will mommy hold on to him one more year..Big gulp?!

Love ya-
Aunt April


How cute! Sounds like he's going to love school!

Connor starts tomorrow and is so excited, but has still never forgiven us for the fact that his school does not run busses. :)


Wow, Parker, how exciting! I didn't know you would get to ride the school bus. I hope you will always enjoy school.
Love, Grandma Walden

Karen Walden

Grandma Walden...he only gets to ride the school bus home. We take him every morning!!! He loves it!

Nettie's Nook

I remember Kyle's first day, I followed the bus to school! Time flies. He will be grown up before you know it!