Saturday, July 26, 2008

Say Cheese...

Jonathan mentioned to me earlier this week that it was about time to get the kids pictures taken professionally again. It is so stressful that I mainly just do it at Christmas time anymore! Well, I decided that he was probably right and we had appointment scheduled for 11am today at JC Penney's in Greenwood! (Jonathan was conveniently busy today and went to the Brickyard qualifications with my dad and brother!) Mom was gracious enough to go along and help! (By the end of the day, I think she was wishing she would've gone to the race track...)

We arrived a few minutes late, traffic was terrible for a Saturday. However, as usual, they were running a little behind and we had to sit and wait for our turn.
The kids were all dressed alike and I had them take off their socks and shoes as I wanted them barefoot in their pictures! Paige kept saying to Grandma, "I want my sockies on..." The twins have never done great with their pictures and won't usually smile at the camera. However, today Peyton was in rare form and was smiling really big. Paige on the other hand, kept biting the insides of her cheeks so she would not have to smile. The photographer about stood on his head trying to get a smile out of her. (She reminded me of a book I used to have as a kid called The Princess and the Pea. No matter what he did, he could not get her to laugh!!!) Anyway, we got about 2-3 good shots out of the whole ordeal and were on our merry way!

We quickly ate lunch and then went back to Penneys to view our portraits. They had a little table for the kids to color on while we waited to view our portraits. They weren't ready for us still and the kids began to fight before I even began to look at my pictures. Mom grabbed her camera and got an action shot of Parker letting Peyton have it...

Peyton decided to throw an absolute "fit" while I was choosing the pictures and Mom had to leave with them and took them all the way to the vehicle. I could hear him screaming on the elevator the entire way downstairs. I was feeling mighty proud...

I decided that Peyton was not going to ruin our day so I went back outside, got Mom and the kids, and back into the mall we went! We just hit a few stores and when I was standing in line at Christopher and Banks, I heard my dear middle child once again. Screaming in the middle of the mall. He was throwing things and causing quite a scene. I told the lady that was my child screaming and she quickly rang me up so we could leave.

We decided that we didn't want to experience him throwing a tantrum a 3rd time and called it a day. Believe me...Daddy owes me a shopping day alone!!!

The twins both fell asleep within minutes on the ride home and looked so innocent in their car seats! How could he have been so bad just a few minutes earlier?! Not sure where Peyton gets this but we are going to HAVE to break his will very soon... :(

Jonathan is on his way home from the track and probably burnt to a crisp. Poor dear... He's had such a fun, stress free day! Hope he isn't expecting dinner when he gets home!


Greg & Anna's Cubs

I'm laughing at the diffence between this post and the last. I hate it when my kids act up while we're out. Oh well, sometimes they are cute and sometimes they are something else.

Amy Shearer

Did you at least get a good dinner out of the ordeal??? :) JW owes you one! Just think, Friday night, free of kids!! Can't wait!!!

Karen Walden

Amy...I ended up going to the grocery store and cooking! :(


I had a bad experience with my daughter throwing a fit in the store once. We left, pulled way out in the parking lot where no one could see, and I promptly warmed her fanny. Needless to say, that took care of the problem.


Well...that was an exciting day! At least we finally got a good picture of Peyton out of it!

I was emptying out my Longaberger picnic basket so I could take it on my little trip. It was full of books & down on the bottom was "Bringing Up Boy" by Dr. Dobson. I'm taking it with me and at least skimming through it! Not quite sure how to deal with Mr. Peyton!

But he wasn't all bad. And they were attracting a lot of attention in their matching outfits! are next! I would love to have matching picture of your kiddies!!!


Too bad I couldn't have been a little mouse in someone's pocket to witness al that commotion! : ) It all sounds very familiar! My curly haired girl went through a stage of throwing herself on the floor and screaming. Fortunately, it was a brief stage! ; )
All I can say, is "Good luck with that little blonde fireball".


I love the picture of your three children sitting at the table when your oldest starts on his little brother. Your little girl is just sitting there coloring away while all the commotion is going on around her!! What a priceless picture :o))


I love the white & khaki matching outfits. Cute!!