Thursday, July 10, 2008

Havin' a great time...

We left Indiana at 8:30am Sunday morning, had a picnic lunch on Jellico mountain and arrived safely here Sunday afternoon. We spent the evening just hanging out at the condo and preparing for our big week! Since Sunday was our anniversary, Jonathan and I took a ride down the strip while Randy and Missy watched the kids. We were out looking for coupon books and Jonathan spotted an Elvis impersonator and just had to pull in and listen! (He even got his picture with the old man!) What a romantic anniversary evening together!
We spent the first 3 days of our week with Dolly at Dollywood! Two of the days we stayed until the park closed! (We wanted to get our money's worth!) Yesterday, we got drowned in the pouring rain. Just as we were boarding a wooden roller coaster, it let out a "gully washer" and we were in trouble! The ride was going so fast that the rain really hurt our faces as we rode! It kept raining and we finally had to just get out and walk in it. We were a beautiful sight when the day was done!
Today we spent a fortune at the Aquarium in Gatlinburg but the kids loved it! While we were standing in line, I saw Roger and Connie Fortner of the McKamey's walk by me! I should've stopped them and gotten my picture with them! :) I never did see Peg or Reuben though!
We had lunch today at No Way Jose's and I think if someone ever suggests that place to me again, I will say..."No way Jose!" :) It doesn't compare to the Mexican back home!!!
Tomorrow the guys are getting all day wristbands at the Nascar place and planning to ride go-karts until they drop! We got a taste of it on Monday and Parker loved it! He is tall enough to drive himself! (Yikes...)
We have tickets to the Dixie Stampede on Friday evening and then will return home on Saturday! Parker wants to stay for at least 10 more days!!!! :)
I have some hilarious highlights that I will share as well as some photos of our trip but am getting completely aggravated with this dial up so that will have to wait! As Angie Davis said, "I feel like I am back in the stone ages!"



So glad you are having a great vacation! (I'm also glad I'm not the one trying to keep up with you. :)

You had better hurry home & watch out for that ditzy blonde that is telling tales on you!!!

Hope you & Missy get to do a little shopping at least.

See ya Sunday!

Amy Shearer

Glad you're all having a good time! Tell Randy and Missy we said "Hello". You're missing out on all the scoops here (Rachel, Jenny's new house, etc. etc.) Can't wait till your back!!

Gene Davis

Sounds like you all are having fun and getting soaked at the same time. Watch out for those Gully Washers in Tennessee I hear they can creep up on you.

Angie Davis

Um, the ditzy blonde isn't the one who outed you on her blog earlier tonight! >:)

Glad you're having such a great time. Can't wait for pictures...


I have to tell you a friend of mine was trying to fine my blog by typing in my kids names (Parker, Paige, and Peyton) and found your blog first. Great minds think alike!

Smith Family


Glad you are having a great time. We'll have to catch up when you get back and have a little breathing time.

By the way, I had nothing to do with "outting" you either!!!!

Have fun and look for my in-laws!

Love ya!!!

Angie Davis

(Those of us who were just referred to as "ditzy" are currently mailing a live exotic reptile to your mommy...)

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Dollywood, Dixie Stampeed, The parkway, I love it all. Glad you had a good time. We have season passes to Dollywood. The kids love it. It saves us money in the long run.

Amy Shearer

Karen, when I lost my other computer, I lost all email addresses. Please email me sometime so I can write to ya! Amy