Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 12th Anniversary to us...

We are spending the week in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with Randy and Missy Dunn and their boys! Planning some time at Dollywood, Dixie Stampede, the Aquarium, go karts, shopping, and lots of eating out!!! This is one of our favorite vacation spots and we are so excited about a week away from the daily routine of life! (We are both taking our laptops so I am sure I will find some time to post an update or two!!!)
In the meantime...have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!


Angie Davis

Happy Anniversary, you two! I sill miss your hilarity while you're away, but I hope you have a great time.

We do need to plan on Ruth's Chris or Carabbaa's when you get back!

Peggy B.

Congrats....cherish each and every moment.

Amy Shearer

Happy Anniversary you guys! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy all those romantic times together (with 5 kids and 2 other adults, yeah right!!) :)


Happy Anniversary ya'll! Have a wonderful time in Tennessee. Yee-doggies!!!


Happy Anniversary!! Have a nice vacation.

Lady J

Happy anniversary! and "sweeter as the years go by" to ya! Enjoy TN.


Happy Anniversary!!!! No doubt you'll be having a blast in the Smokies! (you should swing by and visit my mother-in-law for me)!! Who may run into some of my hillbilly relatives in them thar Smoky Mountains

Have fun and kiss the kiddies for me!

Love you and miss you bunches!!!


Happy Anniversary! I'd sing to ya, but guess you'll be back in time for that...

Angie Davis

Uh, yeah, somebody PLEASE make sure Columbus sings to these two just as soon as they return!


Hope you had a great anniversary! Have fun in Tennessee! I guess some of the Wetherald clan is also in Pigeon Forge this week for a reunion! You'll have to keep a watch out for them!


Happy 12th Anniversary! Have a wonderful vacation! :)


Happy Anniversary!!! Your wedding photos are beautiful!!! Great to see you at camp.


Happy Anniversary! I hope y'all have a good time in Tennessee. Tell the kids that Grandma and Papa Don live there every weekend!
Love, Mom


Happy Anniversary, loved the wedding pics. Hope you have a great time in TN.

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Happy Anniversary. I love TN! We would move if we didn't need a job or anything!

Sherry Gates

Happy late anniversary! Hope it was great!