Friday, July 18, 2008

Recent photos around here...

A girl on Parker's ball team had "Parker" for a last name. We thought it looked cute when they sat side by side on the bench...
Receiving their trophies... Peyton managed to break Parker's in half before the night was over! A big thanks to Papaw Thompson for fixing it for Parker.
The Ponies...
Taken July 4th...
It's impossible to get a good picture of them... Now you know why I rarely take them in for Studio pictures!



The photo of the twins is still cute - even with the scrunched up face!


They are all cute! Parker was so proud of that trophy. You would have thought they had won the World Series! :)

Miss Music

Hi, Karen,
Thanks for dropping my blog! Yes, I know who you guys need to come out this way again sometime. I believe I played for your husband to sing at your grandma or grandpa's funeral. Your kids are cute!

Jody J

Cute pics. I love the "Parker Walden" picture. That's cool.


Karen, your pictures are the best! Who would think to take one of that little girl with the last name of Parker sitting by our Parker? That scrunched up face of Peyton is so cute, you will cherish that in later years. (He probably won't like it.)
Love, Mom Walden


Awww, great summer photos!