Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation Highlights and Photos!

Here are a ton of pictures from our vacation! I took over 400 pictures but only chose 169 to share with you! Aren't you glad?!?! :)
We had a blast with Randy and Missy Dunn and their boys. We were busy every day. This is the first time I have ever been to Pigeon Forge and never once went to an outlet mall! The kids just didn't care to spend their time shopping so I sacrificed for them!
We spent 3 days at Dollywood, 2 different days at the NASCAR go-kart track, and one day at the Aquarium in Gatlinburg. We did the Dixie Stampede on our last night there and Parker got chosen to go down and chase chickens! His chicken was really slow and he ended up kicking his in the tailfeathers!!!
We had some hilarious moments on this trip, one highlight was when Randy Dunn literally drove his mini van into a concrete gas station wall! I think he pulled in close enough, don't you???
A funny Missy moment happened at the go-kart track. She was in line and going to take Parker on a ride. When it was their turn, the person working there told her she wasn't tall enough to take a passanger with her! She said, "I am almost 40 years old and can drive a mini-van but can't drive a passanger in a go-kart?" He told her that Parker would have to ride with her 11 year old son, Aaron!!! So...he did! Missy was sure Parker would've been much safer with her than Aaron...oh well! ;)
Another funny moment happened at Dollywood and I wish I had thought to have someone take our picture! I was sooooooo hot that day and my jean skirt was made of a very thick material and was touching the top of my feet! I made a comment..."If I had a pair of scissors, I would cut this skirt off!" Jonathan found a pair from a blacksmith and he went to cutting! I kept telling him to make sure he didn't cut if off too short! I was making wise cracks about him making sure it was straight! He told me to be still or he would give me a split!!! :) I could feel the heat roll off me when he removed the lower half of my skirt! We gave the Blacksmith a good laugh as we gave him his scissors back and the lower portion of my skirt! for a souviner!
One day we were all on a packed elevator and Paige was shoved all the way in the back. No one probably even knew she was there until...she belted out in song, "Jesus love is bubbling over!" We acted like we didn't know her and were cracking up!
A scary moment happened at Dollywood too. Jonathan, Aaron, Parker and Tyler decided to ride the Mystery Mine one afternoon. The rest of us went to the playground. Sometime later, Jonathan and Aaron came walking towards me and I looked at him and said, "Where's Parker and Tyler?" He said, "Aren't they with you?" (Parker had gotten scared and so he and Tyler chickened out...They were to go find us!) As soon as he realized they were gone, he and Aaron went back towards the ride. A panicked Randy and Missy went running after them. Randy quickly found the boys as they were standing there close the the Mystery Mine ride where Jonathan had left them! They were just getting ready to ask someone with a name tag where Jonathan was! At least they were that smart!!!
We had a great time on our trip and I won't continue to bore you with the details! We ended up getting Season Passes for Dollywood and are planning to go back in the fall!

Vacation in Tennessee


Amy Shearer

Enjoyed your pictures!! Looks like you all had a great time! Would definitely loved to have seen a before and after of the "skirt tailoring"!!!

Lady J

Hey, where was the picture of Jonathan cutting off your skirt??? It looks like the "big" kids had as much fun as the little ones. These are pictures to be treasured, no wonder you took 400.

Karen Walden

Janet...I SO wish I had thought of having Missy take our picture when Jonathan was being my "tailor!" :)


Enjoyed all the photos! Glad you had a great time.


I should have been in bed 30 minutes ago but just discovered your post of pictures. Looks like you had a ball! I think we'll go when it is a little cooler though!

Love the pictures!!!


That blacksmith will remember you for quite some time!

Glad you had a good time!


Looks like you guys had lots & lots of fun! I am SO in vacation mood after looking at those. :)


Looks like you all had a blast and sounds like you made some hilarious memories. The pictures are great!


Too much fun! Believe it or not, we have never been to Dollywood! I don't know how many times we have been to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, but we usually get burned out on all the entertainment, and head for the mountains to swim. When we finally get there we wish we had spent the whole vacation roaming the forests, splashing in the brooks, watching for bear. I think next time, though, we'll fit Dollywood in the agenda! Glad you had a blast!


Looks like you had so much fun!!