Monday, July 21, 2008

13 years ago today...we got engaged!

He is softspoken and I am a chatterbox

He loves a story and I love to laugh

He whispered "Will you marry me" and I shouted "YES!"
It all started in July of 1991 at Holiness Heritage Youth Camp in Muncie, Indiana. I went to youth camp and was waiting for someone else to show up. Jonathan also came to this particular youth camp and was also looking for someone else. Neither of these people came to this youth camp and by the 2nd night of camp, we were soooooo glad! We ended up sitting together on the first night of camp and were sneaking and holding hands by the end of the week! (Isn't that hilarious...we had to cross our arms and sneak and tough fingers!) I kept saying that I wasn't going to fall for him because he was younger than me but he was too cute to resist!!!! :) That started our relationship and we dated for 5 years.
(What he looked like when I fell in love...)

On July 21st, 1995, we went up to Jonathan and LuRhe Edwards farm to spend the day. That weekend marked 5 years since we began dating. We had talked of getting engaged and I thought he would probably ask me that night over dinner. He had been outside with Jonathan Edwards washing this huge John Deere tractor. I was inside sampling chocolate chip cookies that LuRhe had made. Jonathan came inside the house and wanted to know if I wanted to go for a tractor ride with him. I said, "sure" and with a mouth full of cookies, out the door I went! We went driving across the wheat field and I'll spare you all the details! He ended up asking me to marry him out in the middle of the wheat field and pulled my watch out of his pocket!! I gladly said "Yes!!!" We did end up going to dinner later that evening and ate at Cattleman's Steakhouse.
(Taken the day after we were engaged. Sporting our new watches...)

On our way home, we stopped and told his parents. They were happy for us and not surprised. I can't remember their exact reaction. We then went on to my house and told my parents. I remember them just sitting there and staring at us as we told them. No congratulations, hugs, we are happy for you, etc! Just a stunned look!!!!!!!! :) They were very happy for us and by the next day they were giving out congrats and hugs to us both!!! (They loved Jonathan dearly, just weren't thrilled with the idea of me leaving home!) We gave them an entire year to get used to the idea though, I think that helped! Now they would never want me back...
(I can't believe we were ever that skinny...)
We were engaged for a year and were married the following July! We thought our wedding day would never come and both counted the days until we were married! It's hard to believe we have now been married for 12 years...but, I'd do it all over again honey!!!!!

Love ya!



Happy Anniversary!

Jonathan Walden

Sorry that got a bit drippy! Passing out barf bags to all our friends!!

Happy Engagement Day Karen, I would do it all over again!!

Love you....Jonathan

Nettie's Nook

Crazy the silly stuff we do when we are young.


Aw, now that's just sweet. Gene just tells the story of how I flossed my teeth in his car on the night he proposed... :)


Karen...I have no idea why your Dad & I reacted the way we did! I think we were just stunned! And I'd take you back in a heart beat! (You just have a lot more luggage now than when you left) :) I love all of those little "carry-ons"!

So glad you got to make a memory in the cornfield!

Tricia Grissom

Nathan proposed to me also on a tractor - in the middle of the woods. I claim that he did it so I would never let him sell that one. :o) Hope you have a Happy Anniversary


What a fun & interesting post! Love the pictures. Funny how time changes us all, huh? ;)



I remember those days!!! I think we were rooming together that year at HHYC. What fun memories!!


What a nice engagement story. Ours isn't so remarkable...Tony said in conversation on our fourth date that he wanted me to be his wife and I said I wanted to be. It didn't occur to me that he didn't present me with a watch right then and there (until just this moment!) We started planning our wedding on the drive home and I found out six or more years later than he meant sometime in the future. But he figured it was something he'd been dreading (worrying about whether the girl would answer yes or no) that I accepted it so easily he should just go with it. So he claims that I proposed to him.

Beth Stetler

I love to hear how people "got together." Happy Engagement Anniversary!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

I love this post. We all sort of lost touch during those years and I missed some things. I love your mom's comment. Reminds me of my mom. We are so blessed. And Jonathan, We like the drippy stuf.