Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Parker was sitting at the breakfast table at Grandma Sheila's this morning, waiting for her to fix his cinnamon toast when he said he felt something in his mouth. He said he spit his tooth out on his plate! (Gross!) He can't wait to put it under his pillow tonight! He said he thinks it is worth $0.25! (He said that Bugs Bunny told him that on a Looney Tunes video!) We have it made... The first of many toothless grins!



Yeah for Parker Man! I can't BELIEVE he's old enough to be losing his first tooth!! Seems like my kids should just be losing their first teeth...NOT Parker! Good grief, I'm old!!!!!

Just wait 'til Parker talks to Jake and finds out he's getting ripped off with $0.25!!! Ha!


Ha! Parker said he remembers something about Jacob loosing a tooth. Could he remember that???

I told Parker his tooth should be worth at least a dollar and he said "nah...it's just worth 25 cents!" Boy, are you getting off easy.

Did you see that the new tooth is coming through...& that the tooth next to it is pretty loose!

Karen Walden

I think braces are in his future too! Hope they come in straighter than they look now! yikes... :)


It hasn't been too long since Jake lost a tooth a your house, Sheila. Do you remember finding it in a ziplock bag after we left? : ) I'm sure Parker does remember it.

Karen Walden

The toothfairy must have went off and forgot it! ;)


Yes...I do remember, and that must be what Parker is remembering! He thought he was pretty big when he said he was like Jacob! :)

Those huge new teeth always look so big & usually crooked too. They will straighten out in time. What will you do without dear ole Dr. Leonard? Nowwwwwwww, Karen!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

25 cents! Remember at the Collingsworth concert when Olivia had said $20 for her tooth?


It's been so long since Parker's Dad lost his baby teeth that I don't even remember much about it. I know I have a cute picture of him with a big smile and missing teeth. He probably got a quarter for his.


Oooooooh! I like the new backgrounds! Carol started something....


How cute. Don't you just love those toothless photos? When my kids lose a tooth their permenant tooth is already behind it...so they aren't toothless for long.