Saturday, December 29, 2007

We're doomed...

My friend called tonight to check on us and said that she and her husband ended up getting the "flu bug" also and the three of them have been sick all day!!!!!!!! That is scary since we all were exposed!!! Hope we can survive without getting it! If not, I still have some Phenergan suppositories from last January! Yea!!! Bend over kids...


Gene Davis

Poor Jonathan....I would not put my back to you for nothing.


Ahhhhhh...I think it's Grandma Fay's turn this year!!! Hope you don't get it. You might know it would be about birthday time. :(

G'wama Sheila


Hmmmm...they all got sick together? What did you feed them? :):) Just teasing. Have you guys tried Airborne? That was our salvation last year after passing around three viruses back to back. I made the kids take it 3 times a day for a week then once a day for another week. They HATE it but it does seem to work.

Karen Walden

Sara... We got "Johnny Carino's to go" so it wasn't my cooking and their little boy had actually thrown up earlier in the day before then came! We all are "so far so good!" We haven't tried Airborne but I have heard of it! We'll see how we do!


I do hope you know that I was seriously joking about the food/cooking :) But I have no room to jest! lol!! We now try to use the Airborne as a preventative when we will be going into a group setting and germs are flying or if we have been exposed. So, in other words, BEFORE we get sick. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya'll :):) I HATE the FLU!


Hope ya'll don't get it! Rodney had it the Friday and Saturday before Christmas. The rest of us haven't gotten it yet! (knock on wood)

Jody J

Please do not get sick now!! I want to see you tonight!


So are you all sick, well or are you working? Getting kinda worried here...