Monday, December 17, 2007

It's over for another year!

Yes, we actually were able to have church yesterday and pulled off both programs without "too many" blunders!!! The Jr Church program was very cute and all the kids did well! One little boy was so scared he wasn't able to say his "Welcome" but quickly recovered after he saw everyone else saying their parts! Peyton and Paige even went up front when they were supposed to do so. Peyton decided he wanted " go see Parker" when they were getting ready to sing. We let him go up there and it was so cute to see him and Parker standing there. Peyton just stood there and Parker kept patting him on the back. (However, he didn't stay put for long!)
We practiced all afternoon for the adult program until we were blue in the face! The first practice was so terrible I thought we should cancel it! We had several visitors fight the snow and come out to see this wonderful production! Let's just say we could've used several more weeks of practice! By the way, we did not pull this program off without any big blunders! Several times we got "lost" and got so carried away "ad libbing" that even our prompters didn't know where we were going!

At one point in the program, I was standing up about to say my line and all of a sudden this coat rack "loaded" with coats decided to topple off the platform! The crowd roared and I said, "There is going to be a slight break in the action here folks..." and proceeded to try and clean up the mess! My Grandpa jumped out of his seat and helped me! How embarrassing!!! Wesley repeated his line before me and we were able to go right back into it!
Another hilarious thing was when our maid, Janet, came running out of a side room and said, "What was that noise?" and had skipped several pages of the play! Obviously, the sound effect had not gone off and I knew that wasn't right so I "ad libbed" once again and said, "What noise, I didn't hear anything!" and went right back to my line that I was actually supposed to say! (Someone told me later that they were all dying in the back room when she said the wrong line and when I brought it back, Jonathan said, "Good girl, Karen!" Later on when the racket actually occurred, I looked at our maid and said, "Now there's that noise you thought you heard earlier!" It was quite hilarious to all of us but I don't think the audience even knew we goofed! It seemed like there were minutes between some of our lines when we would forget our parts but somehow somebody always pulled though and we did survive! (Thanks to our prompters, Missy and Mila!) We are all breathing a huge sigh of relief that this past weekend is over and we are looking forward to an actual Sunday afternoon at home for a change!
Unfortunately, I did not get any "still" pictures as we were all involved in the play and my mom was busy with grandkids! We had our DVD recorder all set up on the front row and thought we had an hour disc! We didn't know it was only 30 minutes on each side and only got about 33 minutes of the play. I guess it is better than nothing since no one was even running our camera!
Blogging may be scarce the rest of this week! You should see the pile of gifts I have to wrap! I am really stressed! I don't see how I will ever get it all done! I work the next two days so look out Thursday and Friday! I will be burning midnight oil for sure!
My laptop also has a "bug" and is in the hospital so I have to use Jonathan's when it is home and available! I am going through Blog withdrawal during the day!
Hope you all get your last minute Christmas shopping done and have a great rest of the week!

Just a quick picture I snapped of Paige today during lunch in the mall! She is finally starting to pose for the camera instead of running from it and laughing!



Don't stress out, Karen! It will all get done! I don't have a thing wrapped either and knowing me I'll do it all Christmas Eve after the kids are in bed. I do hate wrapping gifts so I put it off until the last minute possible....


I about lost it when "Katie" came in and said she heard a noise. Some of my lines were skipped and I wanted to laugh the entire time! I'm sure not called to be an actress! :)

Angie Davis

Oh my goodness! I want to see that DVD you recorded. Please tell me it has the early bird on there.

Lady J

I almost lost it too when "Katie" came bouncing in there with the plate of cookies and yelled "What was that noise?!" And it was all because I heard Herman say something about cookies and I thought it was the line when he was supposed to have had his mouth full and talking! I went to the back room and laughed and laughed! Ah, the coat tree-I forgot to warn you not to get it over balanced on one side. :) Hey, I have more hints on my blog about my Christmas project. See ya!


Yeah!!! Glad to hear you got through it. The kids were very cute in their program pics.


I wish I could have seen it! Sounds like you guys had a blast even if it wasn't perfect! those are the best kinds of programs. i distinctly remember one school play I helped with where the kids slipped in so many ad libbed lines but the funny thing was we didn't even know it until later. There was something in it about Mary and Joseph paying taxes and that was around the time Bush's famous saying, "Read my lips; no new taxes!" So one of the girls had to throw that in. They had fun and still got the message across...that's what counts. Sounds like you recovered well. I take it back about you and me being two peas in a pod...I couldn't do that at all! lol!!