Thursday, December 20, 2007

Perfume anyone?

Last week, Mom and I were shopping in the Greenwood Mall and were in Macy's at this particular time! We were walking by the fragrances and I absolutely hate it how they "hound" you when you are trying to walk by them. I saw the perfume that Jonathan bought me last Christmas that I absolutely "love" and decided to squirt some on myself! The fragrance is "Juicy Couture" and it was fairly expensive so I used it sparingly all year and just ran out this month! (Pretty good for me, I usually run out in May or June!) Anyway, I grabbed this very small bottle of this particular perfume, gave myself a squirt and said, "I just love this stuff, it smells so good..." to my Mom! A sales lady saw me, came over to me and said, "Would you like to try the "real" perfume in that scent? You just tried on the "doggy scent!" In disbelief, I said, "What? They make this stuff for dogs now?" She proceeded to show me that it was in a dog bone case and they have a "set" for $55.00 that you can buy for your dog so you will smell alike!!!! I cannot imagine ever buying perfume for a dog and especially that expensive of a set! I told the lady that I had the "real" stuff at home and said my goodbyes quickly! Boy did I feel good smelling like a dog for the rest of the day!

"People" Juicy Couture

"Doggy" Juicy Crittoure

See how I made the mistake???



Ok, that made me LOL! :) I know it smelled the same but thinking of you wearing "doggie perfume" just gave me a laugh!


That is too funny! Now if you have a line of dogs following you home, you will know why, HA! --When we moved to the country we decided Talon needed a dog, so...Jerry found an ad for a FREE dog on the board at work. This stupid thing was SOOO spoiled! He came with his own toothbrush, along with poultry flavored toothpaste, puppy perfume, a brush and some other odds and ends. UGH!!! Needless to say, we NEVER used the toothbrush and toothpaste on the stupid thing, he went to his grave with un-kept teeth/gums, LOL!

Jonathan Walden

The really bad thing was after Karen sprayed the doggie perfume on she starting hiking her leg every time she walked by a was embarassing!!


He he he! That is too funny! I think you probably ought to yap in a high voice & bite Jonathan's ankles for the comment.

Karen Walden

He was just worried that I might pee on his tires! HA Ha!!!


LOL at Jonathan!

Lady J

What a hoot!!! This made my day! If I can't give more hints tomorrow before I leave I will post something from my sister's.

Angie Davis

(Let's hope she's housetrained...)


Between you guys bantering and Gene and Angie, Tony's and my laughter nearly woke our sleeping daughter! In the future, I shall refrain from reading either of your blogs at bedtime :) lol!


I LOL when I read Jonathon's comment. Your post was too funny also. Actually, I think having doggie perfume is totally nuts! Is this made to cover up bad doggie breath? Hopefully, Santa will bring you more of the "real" stuff for Christmas. :)