Friday, December 28, 2007

Still here...

Yes, we survived Christmas and are just now getting back to "normal" around here. I have had to work every other day all week while Jonathan is home with the kids! He is getting a little tired of doing dishes he says and a bit tired of the kids as well! :) We finally about have everything out of the boxes and put together. We already regret buying a few items! (Kitchen set with a million "food items," tool bench complete with hammer, drill, and a million tiny pieces, etc!) The kids have enjoyed being home all week playing with their new stuff while Jonathan and I have not enjoyed trying to find places to put everything!
My tree and decorations are still up and may be up for a while due to my work schedule. I am dying to get it put away and back to normal but it will just have to wait.
Jonathan is singing on Monday evening at Teen Triumphant with the group he used to sing with before we were married. The Singing Friends are having somewhat of a "reunion" that evening. I suppose I will drag the kids along and have a wonderful time corralling 3 kids during a 4 hour concert without my Mom to help!!! It will be good to see some of the wives if they decide to come as well!!!
The twins 2nd birthday is a week from Sunday and I haven't even begun to think of what to do... It is a shame it is so close to Christmas! They don't need a thing, that is for sure!!!
I have to work in a few hours so I must sign off. Sorry, no pics tonight. Just wanted to let you know we are alive and well at the Walden household! (Oh yea, at least we are "well" for now! We had company tonight and their little boy threw up all over my kitchen right before they left! That was after all 5 of our kids had played together for about 4 hours! Yea! We got this wonderful intestinal thing last year over the twins birthday and it hit the entire household! Guess I am off to find the Lysol now!)



Sounds like you've had a busy but great holiday too! I've been trying to find space for all my kids "loot" too. (Crazy!)

I hope you all dodge the sick germs. That would be terrible!

Jody J

Please don't get sick and not be able to come New Year's Eve! That would be horrible to be home by yourself with three sick kids!
Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I've been cleaning out the girls' room to make a place for what they got! It's unbelievable the junk I got out of there!

Jody J

I forgot to say that I love your pictures! They are adorable. Looks like you got them done at JCP. We did too. Unfortunately, they didn't get back until Dec. 24th! That was the reason for no Christmas card this year. I'm getting so bad about that!