Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chrismtas Past Photos...

Michelle had a neat idea and posted several photos of her kids from past Christmas' so I decided I would share some of our past photos also! It is neat to see how much the kids change from year to year and to look at their Christmas outifts! (Michelle found a pattern with her girls dresses...) So far, I haven't seen a pattern yet with ours.

Parker 2 months old: Christmas 2002

Parker: 2002

Parker 1 year 3 months: Christmas 2003

Parker: Christmas 2003

Parker 2 years old: Christmas 2004

Parker 3 years old: Christmas 2005
(One of my favorites!) Parker: Christmas 2005
Parker 4, Peyton & Paige 11 months: Christmas 2006

(The twins first Christmas!)

The Walden kids: Christmas 2006

Chrismtas Eve 2006

The Walden kids: Christmas 2007
(Notice it is a different Santa this year! It was "our" Santa's day off! I was crushed!)

Parker 5 years, Peyton and Paige almost 2: Christmas 2007
They really do like each other!

Merry Christmas from the Walden's!
Jonathan, Karen, Parker, Peyton & Paige