Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Getaway Weekend...

We had an absolute blast in Shipshewana as you can imagine without 7 kids for a change!! We went with Darin and Amy Shearer and Randy and Missy Dunn. Don and Dottie Shearer and Chuck and Mary Jane McGuire were there also, but didn't stay with us. We did run into them a few times while shopping. We all ate dinner together on Friday evening and sat with them at the concert!
We laughed so hard Jonathan thought he pulled a muscle in his right side. We stayed up talking and playing games until after 3am each night. We hardly knew how to act getting to eat our food when it was still hot and getting to shop without dragging a stroller along! We all called our kids at night and they were all enjoying the company of their grandparents! (Thanks to all the grandparents who let us have a nice getaway weekend! We thoroughly enjoyed it and are already planning it again sometime!! HA!!!!)

We had some hilarious things happen this past weekend, but you would have just "had to have been there" to see the humor!

We rented a little farmhouse owned by the Blue Gate Restaurant. It was called "The Preacher's House" and it had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a nice sized kitchen and family room. It was perfect for 3 couples with plenty of room to play games and sit and solve the world's problems! (The upstairs didn't have one stitch of heat though, so we along with Randy and Missy decided we would be glad to sleep where it was cool! Darin and Amy thought they would be nice and cranked the heat downstairs trying to help us out! They burned up and we were just toasty!!!) The Collingsworth's were superb as usual! (Tamra probably saw about the same concert as we did!) They are still my favorite... They were so nice to chat with us before the concert and so down to earth!!! Very nice family! Boy, do they have the talent!!!
We ate enough food that weekend to get us through the holidays and brought more food home than we even took with us! (You should've seen the pile of snacks we all brought! You would've thought we were going for a week with no chance of buying any food once we got there!)
Anyway, all good things must come to an end... Our wonderful weekend came to a close on Saturday afternoon when we all returned home to relieve the grandparents and get back to reality!
If you have never been to Shipshewana before, you really need to go sometime! It was so relaxing and slow paced! We all just have to go again!!!
(I have tried several times to upload my pics to Picasa but it isn't cooperating tonight, maybe in a day or two I will have more time!) I took 135 pictures during our two day stay so these are just a few of the highlights of our trip!!!



Looks like you all had a lot of fun!!! :)

Nettie's Nook

Glad that you all had fun!

Angie Davis

I'm so jealous! :) I think my favorite photo is the one of your hubby with his head stuck in a wreath. May have to borrow that one... (evil cackle)


Looks like a great time. Glad you got to enjoy yourselves!

Sherry Gates

Looks like fun! I can't even remember that weather!

Lady J

Lucky guys! It is great you all had this time together.


Oh, that sounds like a great weekend! We haven't went away with other couples in quite awhile. I really must speak with "Nettie's Nook" about this situation! LOL! :D

I enjoyed the photos! Haven't heard the Collingsworth's since that live taping either.


I LOVE the photo of you two in front of the red sleigh. The wreath one was great too :) Now I have to go back and check out the photos on the side that everyone else mentioned in the previous post comments. We did some shopping at Connor Prairie gift shop last weekend and it was so nice and quiet. So if Shipshewana is similar we might just have to do that next year. Beats the hustle and bustle of an overcrowded mall (which we are going to today in hopes of lesser crowds and a parking space unlike Saturday (we didn't even go in after we saw the parking lot)


Looks like ya'll had fun!

Jody J

Looks like you had a great time! Great pics!


Hey! I know some of these folks. In fact, I'm related to one of the couples :) Sad that you see them way more than I do. Looks like a fun weekend.

Merry Christmas!