Monday, December 3, 2007

Did we used to be this busy???

Same story, different blog... We are so busy right now and it appears it will continue to be this way until after the first of the year!

Last Friday was Parker's "All School Musical" at the First Presbyterian Preschool. It was just twenty minutes of 4 year olds singing and doing motions. It was organized better this year and wasn't quite a chaotic, but I had to park a mile away and carry "Tank!" Jonathan had called me that morning wanting me to stop by his work and pick him up. I called him as I was leaving and he said to me, "You don't have time to stop by and pick me up..." I was running by the skin of my teeth so I just said, "Bye" and hung up! I knew he was right that I didn't have time to go by and pick him up so I just went straight to school! (I had misplaced my cell phone so I couldn't call him in the car and see if he was meeting me, etc!) I thought about it on my way and wondered if that meant he was driving himself or did he still assume I was going to try and get him!!!

I dropped Parker and Paige off of the door with Grandma and went to find a parking. Let's just say, it was a long haul with me practically running, carrying Peyton and a heavy diaper bag!
I got into the sanctuary and sat down and Jonathan is no where to be found! I say to Mom, "I hope he knew to drive himself here!" A minute or two later, Mom's cell phone starts ringing. (In church!!!!) She just hangs up on him!!!!!!!!!!!! I grabbed the phone and called him back! He said, "Where are you?" I say, "In the sanctuary!" He says "Thanks a lot for stopping by to pick me up! I'll be right there!" We'll skip the rest of the details and just say that he made it into the church just in the nick of time! I found out later that Jonathan was standing on a street corner waiting for me to come and pick him up! A friend of his from work drove by, stopped and said, "Dude, what is going on?" Jonathan explained the situation and his friend gave him a ride down to the church! Jonathan said he felt really funny just standing there on that street corner waiting for me to show up! Guess next time we will have better communication before we hang up the phone!
Tonight I get to go to a ladies SHARE meeting at our church! I haven't been able to go since May!!! For once, I am off work and Jonathan isn't playing ball on a Monday night. We are doing an ornament exchange so I need to head to town and purchase a pretty ornament and get some sort of festive snack food!
Then on Thursday, we are going to Shipshewana, Indiana and staying two nights WITHOUT KIDS! Yea!!!!!!!! We have never done this and we cannot wait! Some friends are going also. On Friday night we are going to hear the Collingsworth family do a Christmas concert! (I absolutely love them!)
Our church is also having a Christmas Play this year on Sunday night, December 16th! Of course, we all have tons of parts to learn and very little time to do it! (I can't memorize like I used to either!) Anyway, it is lots of fun but lots of work also! We plan to practice our lines on our 4 hour trip to Shipshewana! (Oh what fun, it is to ride, practicing Christmas play parts...)
I have Christmas pictures scheduled with the kids this week but they all have snotty noses, and the twins both have scratch marks on their faces! Oh well, it will look more natural with snot running down their lips!
I still have tons of shopping to do and not nearly enough shopping days left! I am starting to get nervous!
Enough for now, I need to head to town soon! Hope you have a great week and have enough time leftover to enjoy this Christmas Season!



Parker looks cute! Don't ya just hate it when events end up being stressful like that? I was practically sweating for you while reading about it! :)

Enjoy your trip! That will be a great break for you!

Nettie's Nook

Hope you have a fun time on your little trip. It's nice to have friends to do things with.


Have fun on your trip! You'll be rested up by the time you get back and ready to jump back into things with both feet!

Jody J

Sounds like so much fun! Wish we were going! Would love to hear Collingsworths do a Christmas concert.


I hope you have a fun, restful & enjoyable time at Shipshewana!!


I was just cracking up reading your post. It SOOO sounds like Tony and me. In fact, I read it to him hoping that he would realize I'm not the only one who does stuff like that. He shook his head in disgust (I think he know what point I was trying to make! lol!!) But I didn't have your excuse of twins on my side either! If I were you, I'd milk that one as long as I possibly could :):)