Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Well, our first big snow of the season didn't pick the best time of year to desend on us at all! This was to be an extremely busy weekend and now we are all holding our breath until we wake up in the morning to look outside! Our Sunday School class party was supposed to be this evening but got cancelled early this morning due to the snow! When we woke up it was snowing hard and I think we got in too big of a hurry and cancelled it but, oh well... Later on the snow turned to sleet, then rain for most of the day and the roads were fine! It didn't stop this family from getting out in it and hitting the mall! (I am sure the ladies are glad we didn't all go "tracking in" their houses tonight though!)
The Jr Church program is scheduled for tomorrow morning weather permitting! (We have heard rumors of 4-6 more inches of snow tonight though! If that happens, we will all be watching the Hobe Sound Bible Church services live streaming video!!! :)
Our adult Christmas play, "Beneath the Guiding Star" is scheduled for 6pm tomorrow night. We haven't done a play in several years and decided to really do it up big this year!! HA! We had planned on staying all day tomorrow and practicing all afternoon! Jonathan says we are still going to practice no matter how much snow we get! He says he will go around and pick everyone up and drive them there! No excuses now, cast members! It wouldn't be a big deal to put the play off another week but 4-5 of the cast won't be in town next weekend! One of the members is moving back home as of next Friday! So, if you are up during the night tonight, please help us pray that the snow bypasses Columbus and we can proceed with our plans! We may not have much of a crowd out there but we won't know, the lights will be out!!! :)
If you don't have any big Sunday evening plans, slide on down to Bethel and check us out! It promises some laughs!!!
Here are just a couple of pictures I took of Parker today in the snow! He stayed out so long his hands were beat red when he came inside! He was almost too cold, but did he ever have fun throwing snowballs at the neighbor kids!
I must be off, there is laundry humming, kids and a husband sleeping, Christmas outfits to be ironed and play parts to be studied AGAIN...
Hope you are keeping warm!!
The twins didn't get to go outside and play in the snow today so these were taken at Texas Roadhouse where we had lunch/dinner! It was yummy...


Angie Davis

Hope your program day worked out better than ours. We're kinda buried here...


So what was the verdict? Either you are at practice or to snowed in to get to your computer :)


We're all sitting at home wondering how your play went. lol.
Let us know. Hope it turned out great. We have about a foot here.


Hope it went well!