Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I knew they were being too quiet!

I was on the phone one day last week talking to my mom and the twins had wondered off to the kitchen and were being good! I should have known better, but I didn't! We had just gone the day before to pick up their 1 year studio pictures. They were still in the package and laying on the kitchen counter. What I didn't know was that Parker's stool was close by and Mr. Peyton had climbed up and gotten ahold of the pictures! While I am still on the phone, here comes Peyton carrying a wrinkled up 5X7 in each hand! I hurriedly got off the phone and went to investigate the situation! There they were in the middle of the kitchen floor, having the time of their lives wrinkling and even ripping up their new pictures! I quickly realized that they had no idea what they were doing and tried to calm myself down! It ended up not being as bad as I first thought. I was able to reorder the ones that were completely devoured and salvage most of them. Some of them only have a small wrinkle while others have several, but what memories I will have of these pictures! Some say I should put the really wrinkled ones in their baby books for them to see someday! The next time they are being really "good" I better go check it out! Who knows what I might find?



Girl, I would have cried a bucket full of tears! I can just imagine the fun they were having!