Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our Nanny's wedding!

A week ago Friday night, March 16th, 2007, our babysitter, Heather Gardner got married to Kenny Adamson. We took our three kids to the wedding which turned out to be a total nightmare in itself. We asked the ushers if we could sit in the back row by the door so we could make an easy exit and it was a good thing we did! The wedding started at 7pm and it was quite lengthy but very pretty. Jonathan declared it was at least 112 degrees in the church and he had to take Peyton out 5 different times! (He told Peyton the next wedding he would attend would be his own!!!) After at least 8 songs and 7 prayers (Jonathan said we wouldn't need to pray for a week!) they pronounced them as husband and wife and we darted outside for some cool air! 2 hours later the bride and groom made it to the reception and the kids finally got to see Heather. We snapped a few pictures but it was nearly 11pm by now and our kids were "over it" and so were Mommy and Daddy! Heather and Kenny will be living in Louisiana and we will miss her dearly! We wish them the best of luck and would welcome them to Indiana anytime!!!



Oh mercy! I can't imagine being there that long! Heather looks so different -- I still had her pictured from school days! :o)