Monday, March 26, 2007

Splish, Splash...

We all 5 had just come inside after playing in the yard and taking a walk and it was bath time. Parker was being a big boy and running his own bath water. We told him to shut the bathroom door so the babies wouldn't come in with him. (They like to throw everything in the tub! You wouldn't believe what all we have found behind that shower curtain!) Well, Parker did not mind us and left the door open. The next thing we knew, Parker came running into the family room with a paranoid look on his face and said, "Paige just fell in the tub with all her clothes on!" She didn't make a peep so we went running in and found her smiling and having fun! You can tell by her forehead and cheeks that she went "crashing" into the tub! We stripped her clothes off and she got to take a bath afterall!! (I guess that is one way to get mommy to let you take a bath!!!)



I can just imagine the look on little Miss Paige's face when she fell in the tub! I told you there would be things to tell--never a dull moment at your house! Love, Mom

Leanna P.

How funny! Cute pics! Lindsey loves her baths as well.