Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our fisherman...

Last week the kids were at Mom's one day while I was at work. My Uncle Steve, who goes fishing about every day, decided to take Parker fishing that afternoon. They went to my Grandpa Thompson's pond and spent some time fishing. Parker caught 4 or 5 little fish and was thrilled with his catch. He was so excited that he wanted to bring them home to show Mommy and Daddy! His Uncle Steve put them in a plastic bag and let him bring them home! I was horrified when I opened the bag and saw those dead fish in there! Parker thought we were going to cook them and eat them! (I thought better of that idea!) The bag laid outside on our patio for a few days because we forgot about it. On Monday, I saw that the bag had been dragged out in our yard and I told Jonathan he had to get rid of it right away! He picked it up and threw it in Kevin's dumpster where he's building a new house!! :) (Hope he isn't reading this!) The bag smelled horrible and Parker was devastated. Last night I heard Parker praying for his fish that his daddy threw away!!! :(



He was so proud of those little fish! I don't think they were big enough to even make a nugget though! Maybe they can go again someday before Daddy goes to work!


He does look happy! Daniel was doing a shed for an older man and he told him to bring the kids down to fish. He told Abigail that if she fished she was baiting the hook and everything else fishing entailed...of course my little lady did all that. sigh! They caught some bluegill but a baby gater ate part of them! YUCK!


He sure looks happy with his catch! That's too funny that you all forgot them laying on the patio for a few days. I can't imagine how bad that smelled!! Poor Parker ~ prayed for his fish after they were disposed of :o(


Guess who read your blog, Karen! I think the stink is out of the bag. :)

Karen Walden

That's funny! We had no idea it would smell up the place over there or we wouldn't have done that! So sorry Kevin!!! Wanna come over for a fish fry?!?! :)