Monday, June 1, 2009

Alphabet letter day!

A couple of weeks ago, Parker's Kindergarten class was to dress up like one of the letter's of the alphabet. They have been studying the different letters all year along with what sound that particular makes. Each letter has a name and there is something special about that letter. Parker decided that he wanted to be "Mr H" who has "horrible hair!" If you know Parker very well at all, you'll know that he almost always has his hair combed and in place unless he's wearing a ball cap! We used some of Daddy's hair styling gel and a lovely can of bright blue coloring and this is what we came up with for Alphabet letter day!!!

Special thanks to Angie Davis for helping Parker get all this blue out of his hair! Parker's "letter day" was the same day as my Grandma Thompson's funeral and Angie was babysitting that day!

We can't believe that Parker only has 2 days left of school and then we will have a first-grader on our hands! Thanks to several big snows this past winter, he has to go through this Wednesday! He's ready for summer vacation! We're leaving Friday for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!



How cute!! I'm sure he loved it:o)


That was pretty horrible, Parker! :) Glad the blue came out though. In fact, you were still pretty cute! (You won't want me saying that in a few years...)

Greg n Anna Cubs

what a creative kid. i love it.

Angie Davis

That blue stuff took quite a lot of rinsing--it is definitely not for the faint-hearted! It was hilarious, though!


Your little man is certainly growing up!


Boy did he ever fit in with today's kids. Have a good time in TN. That's one of my favorite places. We have talked about going to Branson this year, which is another one of my favorites.


Too cute!!! :) Great idea!


So funny! And how convenient for you that Angie got stuck with the hair washing! loL!