Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother/Daughter Banquet

On Friday night, May 1st, we had our 4th Annual Mother/Daughter banquet at our Church Fellowship Hall. We had 68 ladies and daughter's in attendance and had a wonderful meal together. Our theme was "Season's of Change" and so we decorated our tables with the different holiday's throughout the year. The Shockley women sang a pretty song and Sister Barbara Shockley spoke about the different seasons of change that we as women go through from infancy through becoming a Grandma. It was a fun evening and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! Click on the photo below to see pictures from our fun evening!
Mother/Daughter Banquet~2009


Tricia G.

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful banquet!


The tables were all beautifully decorated and what a good group of ladies you had!!


Nice pictures! Wish I could of been there! I asked Jonathon if he had asked Quint if he remembered going to school with him and he said, "no." I asked him if they had even talked and he said, "no." Is Quint shy? He certainly never seemed to be before! I know Jonathon is but that is going too far!! :)

Greg n Anna Cubs

How nice! I noticed several people from our area there. Brittney Dicken goes to our church. The tables look so nice.


I love the different holiday table theme, so neat and creative!


I enjoyed the pictures! It looks like y'all had such a nice time! Does Janet Burton attend your church? She is a sister to my Aunt Linda Scarbrough. Since my cousins always called her aunt, our family has always called her "Aunt Janet" too. =)

Thank you for your birthday wishes to Elijah. Poor little boy, he is VERY SICK with the flu...on his first birthday. =(