Sunday, May 17, 2009

Serenaded by Angels....

Many of you know by now that my dear Grandma Thompson finally made her entrance to that beautiful city yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm. She had been sick for several years with the terrible disease of Alzheimer's. She was a survivor of a heart attack and breast cancer, but could not overcome the terrible disease of Alzheimer's. Over the past 3-4 years, we have watched Grandma's health deteriorate and it was hard to take. Many people remember Grandma as being a classy lady. She would always be dressed in nice clothes, not have a hair out of place, and you could smell her perfume when she walked into church!
In recent years she was unable to pick out her own clothes or even comb her hair. Her daughter, Vickie and sister-in-law, Imogene Thompson would comb her hair for her and Grandpa would have to help dress her. Grandpa was a wonderful caregiver for Grandma in her last years. He had to do all of the household chores including cooking. He said yesterday that he remembers her telling him how wonderful the food was that he had prepared. He said he didn't think it tasted good at all but she would always brag on his cooking.
Grandma was a wonderful pastor's wife for most of her life. She and Grandpa came to pastor our church, Bethel Holiness Church, in September of 1968. They remained our pastor until this past December when Grandpa had to retire due to Grandma's decline in health. They touched many lives over their 40 years of ministry here at Bethel. I was thinking today about her seeing so many of the loved ones from our church that have gone on to be with Jesus. She's probably not gotten very far in Heaven yet for seeing so many people she knows up there.
No one will ever know the countless hours she has spent in prayer for her church family and her own personal family. She was a true woman of God and I'm so proud to say she was my Grandma. I remember as I was growing up I would go up and pray at the altar. When they would ask the saints to gather in, I would listen for Grandma. She never let me down as I would always hear her praying near me, and I knew what a prayer warrior she was. I remember calling Grandma and asking her to help pray for me when I was in nursing school and had a huge test to take, or when I had to take my state board exams. I had faith in Grandma's prayers.
I could go on and on but you would get tired of reading my thoughts. They don't mean as much to anyone else as they do to me. I just wanted to jot down a few notes and share with you how special my Grandma really was to me. I kissed her goodbye on Saturday evening and told her that I was going to be sure to come and see her in Heaven someday! I'm sure she'll be standing at the gates waiting to greet me!!! Looking at old pictures...reminiscing
Grandma talking with Granddaughter, Jenny...
Great Grandma and Grandpa Thompson with some of their Great Grandchildren...
Celebrating Christmas 2007 with some of their family...
Enjoying a yummy dinner cooked by their daughter-in-law Sheila...
Grandma with her son, Stephen Thompson who lives in Florida...
Grandma and Grandpa with daughter Vickie, Sons Steve, Bob Jr. and Kevin
Sweethearts for over 62 years...


Angie Davis

Such a wonderful tribute to your Grandma! She was indeed a very special lady and she'll be missed by many people, and Heaven is richer for her presence.


That was a beautiful note about your Grandma. I know you love her a lot & will really miss her. I feel so sorry for families that don't have HOPE like we do.

See you in heaven, Aunt Bonnie!

Nettie's Nook

What beautiful thoughts and memories. No doubt where she is. I wonder if she has found Jonny Hartwell yet, I bet her and David Dunn are having fun. Just gives us all one more reason to want to go to heaven. We love you Aunt Bonnie and will dearly miss you.


What a wonderful post you wrote sbout your Grandma! I remember in years past visiting Bethel and noticing how classy she was. So sorry for your loss, but you have many happy memories!!

Gene Davis

Heaven has gained a true saint!!! We loved her and will truly miss her.


Karen...I just read your post! What a lovely tribute to Grandma!!! I'm so glad we took the time to be with her the past couple of weeks. She knew we were there! I've loved her for almost 42 years and she will leave a empty space in our hearts.


I will be praying for you and your family! Life is often bittersweet, but memories and a future reunion are made more precious.


What a wonderful post! Everyone could tell how close your family was. I loved your Grandma too! I am sure she is so glad she paid the price!

Lady J

I am so sorry I was not able to be at the viewing or funeral. I thought of you all so much while I was gone and prayed for you. Your grandmother was indeed a very classy lady, even when her clothes didn't match and her hair wasn't perfect! Always a lady. I look forward to seeing her in Heaven.


Karen, this post brought tears to my eyes b/c it could have been about my mother...classy, not a hair out of place, prayer warrior, pastor's hard to see them suffer with the dreaded disease of Alzheimer's. I know you will miss her b/c it's obvious from this post that you loved her so much =)

Greg n Anna Cubs

I think of your Grandparents often. I'm thankful for Bethel School. I know it was there because of them. I'm sure that she will be missed.