Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IHC 2009

This year was a "first" for us as we were able to attend IHC all three days! Jonathan had to sing in the Tuesday afternoon service that began at 1:30pm! He rode over with Chuck and Mary Jane McGuire on Tuesday morning and I stayed home to get Parker from school. We got Parker excused from public school and were able to take him with us for all 3 days! The kids and I left town at 11am and arrived in Dayton shortly after 1pm. We made it in time to hear the "Singing around the piano" service and the kids actually sat there for 3 hours that afternoon! Mom and Dad Walden also came to IHC for the entire time and helped us with the kids. I think we about wore them out!!

On Wednesday evening, Convention Quartet sang in the Patriotic service at 6pm. I made sure this year I was firmly planted in my seat at the beginning of that service!! (Most of you may recall from last year that it was during this service that I fell off the stairs and into Bro McCrary's arms! How humiliating!)

By 8pm, the kids were "over it" and so were Mommy and Daddy! We ended up going to Frisch's Big Boy at 9pm and enjoyed our fattening supper! The kids were wild and we were so glad we didn't make them stay for the entire service when we heard it lasted until 10pm!!!

On Thursday afternoon, Parker and Paige sang in the Children's choir. Paige somehow managed to wiggle her way through the crowd of kids and find her brother so she could stand by him. Much to my dismay, they ended up fighting with the little boy standing next to Parker and it was all caught on the live-streaming video! You can find it on the archives at IH Convention in the "Building for Keeps" service!

By Thursday evening, I thought I was going to make it through the entire convention without embarrassing myself! It was down to the final song and the mass choir was going to end with the Hallelujah chorus! (I didn't hear Brother Wolf say "end with" either!) They began their last song and started saying "Hallelujah" and I saw a couple of people stand! I assumed they were singing a verse of the Hallelujah chorus and that most people must not know that you are to stand when that song is being sung! So........I bravely stood up! NO ONE ELSE DID!!! I was the only one in my section and there were probably only about 12 others in the entire crowd of 4,000 that was standing!! I looked at Jonathan and said "Stand up!" He said, "That's not the right song, sit down!" I told him there was no way I was going to sit down now and to please "Let me out!" The kids had stuff strung all over the seats between us so I hurriedly began packing up my bags! By this time, people all around us were dying laughing at me and I was laughing so hard at myself. My face was burning hot and I could not seem to get the kids to move! As soon as I got to the aisle and turned to walk down the stairs, the choir FINALLY begin singing the actual "Hallelujah Chorus" and the entire crowd stood to their feet! I turned and looked up and said, "It's about time you all joined me!" They cracked up and I walked out of IHC for the final time of 2009 once again, humiliated!!!

In reality, it was a great convention. We got to see many friends and enjoyed lunch with the Myer's family and Gene and Angie Davis. The kids were potty trained this year and this was our first year in 6 years that we didn't take a stroller! The kids did really well considering the services are 3-4 hrs long! We were weary too! We loved being there all three days and are already making plans to attend next year!!!
IHC 2009



LOL! Apparently you didn't listen to my wise instructions! :) Ha...Too funny!


Glad you had a great time! :) Your embarrassing moment story was pretty funny though. LOL


lol, you are so funny. I thought I was going to lose it. I didn't know about your episode last year. Glad you had such a good time.

Grandma B.

Enjoy your blog...Sounds like everyone had a good time in Dayton. You mentioned Br. Mccrary. Hobe Sound requested prayer Sun. PM. That he had had a stroke. I think I heard it correctly. Jenny's Grandma B.

Brandon Miller

I love my group Ernie Haase and Signature Sound! Great pictures. By the way Ernies Lead singers name is Ryan Seaton!


I wondered why there were a handful of people standing through the entire song. Didn't realize one of them was you. Ha Ha!! It was so nice to see you again.


I laughed so hard reading this. It soooo sounds like something I would do. Maybe like something I HAVE indeed done...at least similar.


Haha! At least you were standing...I was lying flat on my back in the banquet room behind the bleachers (the one where they served dinner) with a rapid heartbeat. There was no other place to go, and I have to lay down to get rid of it...I was just hoping no one would come in and see me like that! The bummer part is that it started just after Bro. Maloyd began his message, and didn't end until well after Mass Choir was finished. I was able to hear everything, but somehow a heart rate of 160-180 bpm didn't really allow me to enjoy it!
As for the Wednesday evening service...I really wanted to hear Bro. Avery's message (I wasn't disappointed!), but Allison and I had to sit through 4 solid hours in order to do it! We were literally in there by 5:50 p.m., and didn't leave until after service ended at 10. For a 16 month old baby, she did so well! My bladder was really suffering on that one!


I am glad that you all enjoyed IHC. I watched some of the archived videos.

I tagged you. Check out my blog for the details. Don't feel like you have to do the game.