Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peanut Butter Christmas!

The family had stopped to spend the night in a motel on their way to Grandma's house. The motel had lost power and some robbers broke into the back of their van and stole all of their Christmas presents!

Quoting scripture from Luke 2...
Emmitt Edwards got scared of the microphone and would not say his Scripture...

Peyton kept putting his hands in his pockets, pulling the pockets inside out and at one point, almost pulled his pants clear down!!! At one point in the program, Micheal Edwards had to tell him to stop picking his nose! (He learned all this from his daddy!)

Showing their parents their homemade Christmas tree...

Peanut Butter........crunchy style! Mmmmmm!
Peyton found a piece of trash and Paige is just about to flash the audience...
Thank goodness that dress was two layers!
Their last song..."Christmas is the time" to praise the Lord for all He's done!
Peyton is now gone, sitting on my lap, and Emmitt is in his Daddy's arms!
(And from behind the curtain, director Jenny Grissom, is heard letting out a huge sigh of relief that it's over!)
Great job everyone!!!!!!!



Yes, it's true! Plus, I quit trying to hide behind the curtain!

Karen Walden

We watched our DVD of it last night. It turned out really cute! We'll have to show it to you sometime so you can see it from our view! :)


Oh, the joys of kids. I used to be on pins and needles wondering if mine would give the crowd something to remember!!!


The lower learning center did that program a couple years ago. My Janae was the girl who loved peanut butter. It was funny b/c IRL, she HATES it :) But she played the part well.
And gotta love the little girls whose dresses creep up when they are up front! Argh! I know nothing of boys picking their noses! lol!


The program turned out great! All of the kids were so cute. I had a hard time trying to decide who to watch! : ) Jenny...you did a great job directing!

Angie Davis

Aw, kids are supposed to do funny stuff in the programs! You might want to make sure to warn Elvis not to be picking HIS nose during the adult program next week, though...


Kids programs are my favorite and it looks like this was a fun one. You got some great photos.


It looks like a good program! You never know what kids will do especially when they have an audience:o))


Looks like a great program! I love watching little kids perform. :)


Our school did this play a year or so ago, it was great! Looks like you had lots of fun, well at least Peyton did, LOL!