Monday, December 15, 2008

Parker goes shopping...

Last week, Parker's school was doing a fund raiser and "lesson" all in one. The parents sent money to school with a list of who to buy for as well. The students could choose the items but couldn't go over their budget.
Parker had so much fun buying presents for Peyton and Paige. He was SO excited when he came home from school on Friday, that he could not wait for the twins to open their presents! He was supposed to wait until Christmas day but he simply could not wait! He was so excited about what he had bought for his brother and sister! Grandma Sheila was babysitting and didn't have the heart to make him wait!
Peyton got a car and ball and Paige got a stuffed pink fish and a rubber light up ball! They loved their toys that their big brother bought for them!

Stay tuned for pictures of our Jr Church program yesterday morning!



How cute! I have to sit on myself to not give presents away early too!


How sweet! What a good way to teach the importance of money.


That's a nice idea. I wonder if they made money off the little ones gift buying??? Got the stuff of free!! Parker paid cash!! I see government stamped all over this one!! :D


Awww!! I can imagine how excited Parker Man was!
Jake's school did the same thing when he was still going to Overland Christian. It was so fun to see the gifts he came up with and he was SOOO excited! I don't see "government" in that one at all... just some teachers combining learning and fun! Parker will remember doing that for a long time. : )

Karen Walden

It was actually some sort of fund raiser for the 5th grade class!


This bring back so many memories. Every year when I was in elementary school, we did this very same thing. It was called "Santa's Secret Shop". I loved being able to buy gifts for my family. Wow, that was a very long time ago.


He looks pretty excited! :) Very cute...!