Monday, February 8, 2010

Paige's pink room...

We got Paige's room done a couple of weeks ago, but I have been waiting until I got it completely finished to post pictures! However, I can't seem to find anything to put on her shelf and dresser and who knows when I ever will, so here is what we have done so far...
Paige has been bugging me for weeks to make her a pink room...

I saw this quilt at Potterybarn Kids and knew it was the one for her...

What a pain to get those dotted lines all stuck on the wall in the right spots...

Letters from Potterybarn Kids that I just HAD to have...
My dad would not even attempt to hang them for me so they're stuck up there with adhesive tape! (As soon as the twins saw them they said, "It looks like stairs Mom!")
Her barbie doll dreamhouse that she got for Christmas...
I cannot tell you how many times I have organized this little house. The tiny pieces drive me crazy...
I need to find some cute little girl decorations for her dresser...
(Any suggestions on where to look???)

Decorations found at Hobby Lobby
Again...I need to find something for the shelf!
The pink barbie doll case is going to have to go in the closet after seeing this picture!

Paige is loving having a pink room all to her self! She and Peyton have shared a room together ever since they were born. He now says "I hate pink" and wants nothing to do with her new room!

Lamp I found at Hobby Lobby...
(MUCH cheaper than the one I saw at Potterybarn Kids!)
The valence has been ordered but has not arrived yet. We still need a few decorations for the dresser and shelf and her room will be finished!
And for our next big project..........our room!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)



Great job, Karen! I love it & know Paige is so proud! And she is doing such a good job keeping it straightened up! She doesn't want Peyton bothering her stuff. : ) Can't wait to get started on your room...after I recover from my own house!


Awww...she's growing up! :(

Suggestion-HomeGoods in Castleton...also Hobby Lobby in Greenwood has a lot more than ours and while you're there, you could hit up Flower Factory. They used to have a lot of cute girly things.

Karen Walden

She is growing up way too fast Jenny! Careful...Arilynn will too if you don't watch out!

Thanks for the tips, I can always find an excuse to head to Greenwood! ;o)


Want to get our snowmobiles out & head north? Hehe! Guess it will wait...& you & Jonathan can have an excuse to head to Greenwood!


So cute. Nothing like little girls and pink.


Good job, Karen! Now quit OCD-ing over those letters!! ;-) Everything looks very cute!

Jody J

Looks great! Angie stole my thought. :) Proud that you have them slanted. ;)