Sunday, January 17, 2010

A long overdue project...

This was a booger to put up... I don't recommend it with a washable paint!

I finally found a flower with purple in it!

My favorite decoration!

I've told myself for years that I was going to redo our hall bathroom. When we moved in over 9 years ago, I wanted it painted a pale yellow. The yellow I picked out was way too bright so I just had Dad paint it the typical off white color. After 3 kids and numerous hand prints on the walls, it was time for a change.

I finally decided to try a light lavender/purple color. That color is obviously not the "in" color right now as I had a horrible time trying to find stuff to go with it. Note to time pick out decorations first, then match up paint! Would make life much easier!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for your help in this project! Now....first thing tomorrow morning, bye bye Winnie the Pooh border in the twins room! Paige can't wait to get her pink room!!!


Tricia G.

I really like it!!!


It looks great! I love the color!


I just wish I had my camera when you were climbing the shower wall, stripping off the border!!! :) It was fun & I think it turned out great. I love the color even if it isn't the "in" thing!

Now don't forget to take a "before" picture in Paige's room!


You have done an excellent job!!! It is something that I would pick out!!! By the I am Tricia Grissom's mom.


Beautiful! I feel like I have a house full of "long overdue projects"! We are going to try to tackle one each month, whether they take 4 hours or 4 days...just to have a goal. My laundry room was supposed to be January's project, but sickness has kept me from getting much further than the initial cleaning out. So, I guess I have 12 more days? Yikes!

Angie Davis

Very nice! Since I'm the lone female in the house on the hill, I'm doubting I shall ever have a purple bathroom with dainty things on the counter. I'll have to just drool on yours...


I really like it!!! I those colors in my master bath.


The bathroom is so pretty. I love purple.


It looks great! I am itching to re-do some rooms around here too, but I imagine it will be awhile before it gets done : )