Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another tooth story...

Some of you may recall a story of Parker losing his last tooth down the toilet in a McDonald's bathroom! Well.....here goes another story!

Sunday afternoon, we were eating dinner at Mom's as usual. Parker has had a loose tooth for several days and had even tried to get my dad to pull it on Saturday evening. Parker LOVES my mom's Sunday dinner and had a huge plate full. He was eating a warm dinner roll and all of a sudden said, "My tooth!" He spit out his tooth and placed it on the edge of his plate! He was thrilled to have lost another tooth and then proceeded to continue eating! (Parker likes to mix all of his food together and eat it! This grosses the rest of us out!) He had evidently made a mixture of his food on his plate and was enjoying his Sunday meal when all of a sudden he spoke up and said..."Another tooth?" He proceeded to spit out a white tooth in his hand! Jonathan quickly looked in his mouth to see if he indeed had lost another tooth! What in the world?? We all then realized what had happened! Parker had accidentally gotten his tooth that was laying on the edge of his plate and added it to his mixture of food! So....he ate his lost tooth! Good grief....this child! We were able to save the tooth once again, only this time he didn't have to dig it out of a dirty toilet! The tooth was placed in a zip lock bag and put safely under his pillow on Sunday night!
And yes...the tooth fairy DID remember to come visit us this time!