Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to my honey!

Just wanted to wish my hubby a Happy 34th Birthday! He's in Winamac celebrating in the snow! Hoping he gets to come home tonight, but if not, we'll meet him in Indy for supper! We celebrated with Mom and Dad on Sunday and here are a few pictures of that...Sunday dinner at his favorite mother-in-laws house!
He doesn't care for birthday cake, so a cookie it was...

His 3 favorite little people...Just the coat he wanted! (He picked it out and gave it to April to buy for him at her discount. She told him they accidently sold it and he was soooo upset! He had no idea he'd end up seeing that coat a few days later!!!) Good job April!!!

Bundled up and ready to celebrate his special day in Winamac! :(
Happy Birthday honey! Hope to see you tonight!
We love you very much!
Karen, Parker, Peyton & Paige



Wow!! only 34??? He's still a young chap!! Tell him to make a really good birthday wish....like a really short winter!!! lol


Happy Birthday! Good choice on the cookie instead of cake!! :O)


Happy Birthday to Jonathan! That cookie looks delic......! :))

Angie Davis

Happy birthday, Elvis!


Happy Birthday to my son! I clearly remember the day you were born weighing 9 pounds and 22", and your hair, eyebrows were blond. You were and have always been a joy and a blessing to our family. Love, MOM


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