Monday, August 24, 2009

Please pray for our friend Todd Myers...

Many of you have heard about Todd Myers recent diagnosis of Lymphoma. There is a "praying for Todd Myers" page set up on Facebook where you can get frequent updates about his progress. Todd starts his Chemo treatments today and it is going to be an eight hour treatment this first time. I wanted to post this on here for those of you who might be reading this, but aren't members of Facebook. Please remember Todd in prayer, not only today but every day. He's got a long and difficult road ahead of him, and he needs all the prayers and encouragement we can give him!

Jonathan and long time friend, Todd Myers

(Todd played the piano for The Singing Friends when Jonathan sang with them and currently plays the piano for Convention Quartet.)



That is so sad!! Someone at our Church told us about him last Sunday. We'll pray for him as God brings him to our minds!!

Angie Davis

Just got his text a minute ago and was glad to hear it went pretty well today! We were praying...