Thursday, August 20, 2009

First day of school 2009-2010

Last Friday, was Parker's first day of First Grade! Parker is going to our Christian school, Bethel Holiness Christian School, and is loving it so far! He says "school is awesome!" His favorite part is recess of course! He loves the fact that he gets to go on recess 3 times every day! He loves his teacher, Miss Willard, and is enjoying making new friends! He goes to school all day, which is a first for us this year! The twins are getting used to Parker being gone and are settling into their own routine. I'm glad he's able to attend there this year and hope he'll learn a lot. I'm also glad he's getting a Christian education!



I can't believe how fast these kids are growing. So glad Parker is at Bethel...& that we found a teacher! :) He will do & Jeff did...& I assume Jonathan did too.


Rebekah is a sweetheart. I think I met her when she was 4. She is one of my mom's kids and is one of her biggest fans! Small world!


Am I losing it, or is this 2009-2010?

Karen Walden

You're right Stephanie! Ha Ha!