Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Drama King...

Yesterday morning was the big day for Parkerman! His surgery was scheduled originally for 10:30am but had been moved to 10:55am. We reported to out-pt surgery waiting at 9:45am just as we were told and were ushered back to a small room. The nurse, Michele was very nice and tried her best to make Parker laugh. He was scared to death and afraid to hardly even talk to her! She asked him lots of questions, some were quite embarrassing to a 6 year old boy! :)She was finally finished around 10:30am and they let Parker's visitors come in to see him. His Grandpa Bob, Grandpa and Grandma Walden and Pastor Shockley came in the room! (Grandma Sheila was at our house, babysitting the twins!) Parker was happy to see all of them! They tried to make him laugh but Parker again, wasn't too cheerful! You could tell by the look on his face, that he was quite fearful!
Parker broke our hearts when Brother Shockley knelt down to pray with him before surgery! He started crying and had the entire room crying along with him! That had to be a scary feeling for such a little guy! Knowing that he had to go back to that cold OR without his Mommy or Daddy! :(
Parker is less than thrilled that he has to wear this silly looking hat and that they are running behind! He's getting a little frustrated by this point!
"Mom, I'm going to push this nurse button and see what's taking them so long!" Mom replies, "No, Parker don't!!!" :) They finally came to get him right at noon! Parker was so upset when he told us all goodbye that he had us all crying once again! He had to stop off and get sick on his way walking back to the OR! (Typical of little Parker!)
Smiling for Mommy and dreaming about food!
Finally home shortly after 1:30pm! His nurse asked him what his goal was for the day! He replied...."To go home!" He caused quite a scene in PACU from what I hear and they brought Jonathan and I back to see him and to help try to calm him down! I kept apologizing for how "difficult" he had been! He was surrounded by 3 nurses when we got back there and was hyperventilating! I looked up and saw his oxygen saturation was 77% I was determined that we were not going to have to stay on Pediatrics and was thrilled when he decided to calm down and breathe!! I was very shocked when the doctor came out to talk to us and told us that Parker actually had an ear infection in his right ear! He hadn't even complained at all! Poor kid, he's so used to that feeling, that he doesn't know any better!
Opening his present from Grandma Sheila and Grandpa Bob! As soon as he got it open, he fell asleep and slept the rest of the afternoon! Thank goodness...
Fun, "quiet" things to do!!!
Grandma knows what Parker likes!!!
Reading his get well cards!
Very happy that Grandpa Bob came to see him once he got home!
After his nap, he awoke to visitors! Amy, McKendra and McKiah Shearer brought him balloons and a gift!

Parker appears to be back to normal! Luckily, it's raining cats and dogs today so I don't have to worry about keeping him inside! Hopefully, this will solve all the ear problems and he can get "Perfect Attendance" this year at Bethel!
Thanks everyone for your prayers! We appreciate it very much!!!



I'm not surprised at all that Parkerman was running in 1st place for "Drama King"! :) (He gets that from his Papaw Bob...) Our men don't do well on their sick beds. Ha!

I know it was hard for you to decide to have this done, but just think...possibly a winter without an ear infection!!!

Photography by Trish

Hope Parker gets to feeling better soon!!!!


So sorry to hear about his surgery, but he'll feel better. That's always so hard on little people.


Oh that poor guy....the prayer pic brought tears to my eyes. I remember when Jeremiah had to have this surgery...he was 2. I could hardly stand to make the decision, but he hasn't had an ear infection since. He actually had an ear infection surgery day too. I'm glad your son his doing well! :)