Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baseball Season 2009

Parker has enjoyed playing baseball once again this summer! He's still in the "pony" league where they don't actually count runs or outs. He's probably a little bored with it, but still loves to play so he doesn't complain! Next year he gets to advance to the next league where it's more like real baseball! He'll love that!
Last Saturday was the first game all season that I've been able to attend. Due to my lovely work schedule, I've missed all the practices and every game until now. Their season is over at the end of June so I won't get many in this year! Luckily, Daddy has been able to be there for about every game so Parker is thrilled! Tomorrow night, Grandma Sheila may have to take Parker as I'm working and Daddy will be traveling almost 3 hrs home after work! He's going to try to make it!
Parker is playing for the team called Mancino's and one of the coaches is the team sponsor, David Gregory! David and I went to school together years ago at Bethel. Never dreamed our kids would someday play ball together. What a small world!
Sure wish I had some Mancino's right now!!! Mmmmmmm!



I be there with bells on! Or maybe with an umbrella!!! Won't we have fun getting all 4 of us ready for the big game....

Looking forward to seeing Parker play.