Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend!

Last weekend, we enjoyed attending an Easter drama entitled "Bow the knee." Shirley, a girlfriend from work invited us, and we took our kids along as well! I was a little worried how the kids would handle it, as I didn't know how much the actors would visualize the true description of what really happened that day! My friends husband was the Roman Centurion, and Paige told us that she did not care for him, but she did like the other man, who was Jesus! (That role was played by Shirley's son, Josh!) At one point in the play, Jesus was hanging on the cross, there was lightening and thunder and then He bowed His head and died. It was completely silent in the theater and Peyton says right out loud....."No more Jesus!" Paige was SO excited about what all she saw that she went to church on Sunday morning and told everyone the Easter story in the words of a 3 year old child! I was amazed at how much of the story she understood! It was way more in depth than I ever could've told them! We were glad we took them and enjoyed the snacks and fellowship with the gals from work afterwards!

This weekend promises to be extremely busy for us as I'm sure it is for everyone else too! Tonight we're going to meet the guys that Jonathan sings with and practice, then head out to eat! The poor restaurant as they'll be 17 of us!!!

Tomorrow morning is a fun Easter brunch at my Mom's house! We always look forward to the yummy food every year and the kids can hardly wait for us to let them go find the eggs and get their baskets!

Tomorrow afternoon will find us knocking on the doors of our Jr Church kids making sure they will all be there on Sunday morning! We've challenged the adults and are trying to double our attendance for Easter Sunday! We have promised them a party on Monday evening if they reach their goal and we have faith that they're going to attain their goal! So...the party is being planned in advance!

IHC begins on Tuesday and we have gotten Parker "excused" from public school so we can take him with us! Jonathan is singing with Convention Qt in the Tuesday afternoon service so we'll be there all 3 days this year! Something we've never done, and I'm sure I'll be regretting it by Thursday evening!!!

We hope you have a blessed Easter weekend and are able to attend church on Sunday! This is a wonderful time of year for us Christians, remembering what He did for all of us!

Happy Easter and I'll try to post some Easter photos before we head to IHC next week! No promises...