Monday, March 23, 2009


On Friday, we had a "surprise" luncheon to celebrate my Mom's #60th birthday!
I told her I would pick her up at 11:30am and take her out for her birthday since we wouldn't be home Friday evening. She was available and assumed we would be having "lunch for two!"
I told her that Jonathan recommended that I take her to Smith's Row, a nice restaurant in downtown Columbus! She kept trying to talk me out of taking her there, and recommended several other restaurants in town that I really like!!! I knew I HAD to get her there and just kept talking about other things.
We arrived downtown, found a place to park, and started towards the direction of the restaurant! On the way, I saw Jonathan and my dad's vehicles! I was afraid Mom would see them, so once again I distracted her by talking 90mph!!! :)
We walked into the restaurant, and I told the waiter, "Thompson, party of two!" (He was watching for me and was told that a lady in a red jacket would tell him that! That was his clue!) He immediately said, "Right this way..." and started taking us upstairs! It was quite hilarious, as I heard Mom begin to "huff" behind me as we were climbing the stairs! (She did it more than once too!)
When we arrived at the top of the stairs, I stepped out of the way and a room full of people yelled..."Surprise Sheila!"

Making a wish...
Mom with her friend, "Tree" who also cleans her house!

...with her favorite daughter-in-law, April

...with good friends, Bob and Mary Ann Williamson

...with friend/neighbor Cathy Custer
...and long-time good friend, Mary Jane McGuire!...her favorite son-in-law, Jonathan!

Happy #60th Birthday Mom!
We love you!!!



What a nice surprise! And yay for you being able to pull it off!! I love the cake. So pretty!


Karen...You REALLY did surprise me. (I didn't realize I was "huffing" up the steps though.) It was a perfect party...just wish Jeff & his sick kiddos could have been there! You knew who to invite! :) And, the chicken salad croissant was delicious!!! (We'll have to go back even if it isn't for a celebration.)

Thanks so much for making another memory for me! Dragging Bob off to the concert that night just topped it off.


Karen Walden

I've only been there twice and both times it was celebrating 60 years of something! :)

Their lunch was very yummy! And reasonable too!! We'll definitely go back!

It was just funny because I heard you kind of huff under your breath when he started to take us upstairs, then you did it again! :) Kind of like, "Where in the world is he taking us?" :)

Glad we made some memories for you!


Glad you all had a good time!


Man...I just noticed that my hair looks a very horrible gray color! Kelcie...where are youuuuuu?


How nice that you were able to pull this off. Looks like a great time was had by all. The cake caught my attention too. Very nice for your beautiful mother!

Angie Davis

That was so sweet! Love it!


Ahhhhhhh! That was so neat that you could surprise your Mother!! Glad it all worked out for you :o))

Greg n Anna Cubs

How nice! Happy Birthday


Awww, what a great surprise!!! Happy late birthday, Sheila! :)