Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Convention Quartet and Talley Trio Concert!

Last Friday night, Convention Quartet opened for the Talley Trio in Bedford, Indiana. I was able to go with Jonathan and spend some quality time with my best friend, Amy (Speer) Holsapple! We enjoyed supper together while the guys did their sound check! We hardly ever get to see each other so this was a special treat for us!

Convention Quartet did great! The audience seemed to love them and they pulled it off like they had been performing for years! They had Debra Talley fooled, she thought they sang together all the time!

We went to Steak and Shake after the concert with about 30 other people! The poor waitress didn't know what hit her at midnight! The Talley's bus pulled in not long after we arrived and so the guys enjoyed chatting some more with Roger!

We pulled our tired tail-feathers into our driveway shortly after 1:30am. We were SO grateful to Randy Dunn for babysitting our kids for 12 hours!!! (That's probably something he'll never volunteer to do again!) Peyton was still up and going strong until 3am! All the kids were up and ready for the day early on Friday and we found out very quickly that we are getting too old for these late nights!!!



Tell Jonathan congrats on the job well done. Of course, how can he go wrong when his own fan club travels with him.


It was fun & the Quartet did great. Glad we went. But next time I may not sit on the very front row! I felt like they kept looking at me!!!


Haven't heard the Convention Quartet but the Talley's have always been one of my favorites!!


I've not been blog following for awhile so I'm catching up! :) Sounds like the guys did great & that you had a great time. I really enjoy the Tallys.


whoops - got in a hurry and misspelled their name. ;)