Wednesday, March 25, 2009 we come!!!

This time Thursday evening, we will be listening to the music of the Gaither Homecoming concert in Corbin, Ky! Jonathan and I along with Donnie and Amy Bates will be heading out early tomorrow afternoon for a super fun evening! Jonathan and Donnie are HUGE Micheal English fans so they are thrilled beyond words to get to go to the concert! I'm taking my new camera with the zoom lens and hope to get some good photos! We'll be arriving home in the wee hours of the morning on Friday! I'm sure the kids will be up before daylight ready for another full day!! Pictures will follow!!!


Greg n Anna Cubs

I thought that I just read in your last post that you were getting too old for late nights? Have a good time.

Karen Walden

I am! I just turned "middle-aged" a few weeks ago! :(


Sounds fun!

Karen Walden

WOW Jenny! You're home already? JW just called and had just left church! He's windy though! :)


It sounds like you're in for a good time!! I haven't heard the new group yet in person, but would love to!!


I would LOVE to hear them. Let us know how it goes. Can't wait to see the photos.


Enjoy the evening and I will be waiting on pictures.

Peggy B.

Sounds like a fun evening. I wouldn't like the late evening though. My bed and I are really good friends. :)


Hope you had fun! I am ready to hear them. A couple from our church won tickets to a KY concert last night, and they were kind of disappointed because there weren't many other groups along. That would be ok by me, I think. I could listen to the GVB for hours!


Can't wait to hear them!!!