Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentines...

Since I had to work 12 hours on Valentine's day, Jonathan and I celebrated on Friday evening. He decided to take me to Nashville, Indiana to one of the restaurants there. Mom agreed to keep the kids for the evening and off we went. Jonathan had seen this place advertised in the newspaper earlier that day and thought it sounded like a good place to eat! He was right, the food was great but I told him it didn't sound very romantic at all! :) They had a Valentine's special so we took advantage of it! Jonathan had a steak and baked potato and soup. His steak was smothered with seasonings and he gave me a bite and it was delicious!! (Wish I had ordered that...) I don't know why Jonathan cut my food off in the picture, but anyway... I had the smothered chicken with steamed veggies. It was good, but not Texas Roadhouse good!!! :)

The real treat was this delicious dessert that was included with our meals! This apple cobbler came out in the steaming hot iron skillet and was absolutely delicious! I'm sure it was at least 2,000 calories each, but it was soooo worth it!
As if you can't tell, we took this dorky picture of ourselves after dinner! I'm pretty sure I gained another chin by eating all that dessert! :(
On Saturday, I had to work at the hospital all day. That afternoon, I heard some familiar voices and saw my three favorite kids each with a rose in their hands! Paige had picked out a pink rose for Mommy, Peyton a white one and Parker a yellow rose! The baby's breath barely made it to me in one piece but they were SO proud!! Then, Jonathan peeked his head around the corner and handed me this vase with 12 red roses in it and a box of Dove chocolates!!! My favorite! I felt truly blessed to have 4 wonderful Valentines!!! They are the joy of my life and I couldn't have been any happier with my Valentines day weekend!!!



You're right...the name doesn't sound very romantic at all! :) Food looks yummy though!

Angie Davis

Aw, that was a pretty sweet Valentine's Day surprise! Go, Elvis! I cracked up over the restaurant choice, but it sounds like their food is great.

Karen Walden

You know Jonathan, he can't be too serious!!! :) It was yummy food!


Happy Valentines Day Kids! I thought that was the restaurant that Jonathan would pick! ;)
That apple pie sure looks delicious...


Your food looks delicious!! Glad you had a great Valentine's Day!


Looks like a fun & special day for you!!!


Glad you had a wonderful Valentines evening.


Awww. That was so thoughtful and it looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Beautiful flowers as well.