Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday night fun with fabulous friends!!!

On Friday evening, we enjoyed a great night of food and fellowship with several of our friends! We always "talk" about getting together, but rarely make it happen! We decided to just set a date, get sitters and meet in Indy for some fabulous Italian food and funny fellowship!
We met at Carrabba's in Carmel and had a fantastic meal and great time visiting! I nearly embarrassed myself by dropping the entire basket of bread, but shocked myself and everyone else with a great catch instead!
Angie felt obligated to cut up someone's meat and kept finding herself looking for sippy cups as we got up to leave!
Angie and Gene Davis
Travis and Jody Johnson Monica and John Myers
After we left Carrabba's, someone mentioned trying to find a Starbucks. Off we went in 3 different vehicles. The one Starbucks was closed and we had quite a hilarious time trying to find each other and meet at the right Starbucks! (What did we do before the age of cellphones?)
Travis...the life of the party! They had so much fun recalling some hilarious moments with
The Singing Friends...
I think we about got kicked out of Starbucks...
Enjoying the evening together and entertaining the gentleman sitting at the table next to us! I think he was just pretending to be working on his computer!
John can't believe that Jody recorded his story on her digital camera!

By the time the evening was drawing to a close, several of our friends became quite sleepy!

Jody has obviously heard all of Travis' stories before...but the guy behind her hadn't!

Some are obviously just too OLD to keep such late hours!

And some can just fall asleep anywhere!


Angie Davis

Girl, you're funny! Some of those photos are awful, but that was so much fun!


You told a very funny story with your pictures, especially the ones with their eyes shut. I'm glad you all could spend some time for fun. We all need to do more of this sort of thing.


You guys were up in my neck of the woods! I live about 5 minutes from there. I love Carrabas, probably my favorite Italian place. Looks like you had a good time!

Nettie's Nook

Karen it is great to have good friends. I have found that my group of great friends are the people that I work with. This is a time when you really need their help and understanding. IF you want to get together again I would suggest leaving the older ones at home..

Jody J

Hilarious pictures with our eyes closed! Too funny. We DID have a great time. Thanks for driving ALL the way from Columbus to Westfeild!


Looks like alot of fun! Glad you all had a great night!