Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bedtime prayer and laughter!

Jonathan was saying Parker's bedtime prayer with him earlier tonight and was quietly listening to the little man bombard Heaven. In the middle of Parker's prayer, he stated, "...and Jesus, help my head to feel better, and my foot, and my arm, because it sort of hurts when I go like this, so you can help that too if you want too..." Jonathan couldn't hold back the laughter any longer. Parker stops praying, grabs Jonathan's head and whispers, "Dad, stop laughing, it's not funny!" He then quickly returns to his prayer and says, "Sorry about that Jesus, that was my dad laughing!" Jonathan then completely lost it and laughed for the rest of the prayer!!!



That made me laugh out loud! Parker is so funny!


Oh the things that children say. I wish we all could be as open and tissue paper thin when it comes to certain things. This at least made me laugh.


Too cute! We've had those kinds of prayer times as well. Just last night I found myself grabbing Shane's arm over something funny Jillian was saying while praying. It's hard not to laugh hysterically sometimes!

Karen Walden

Parker acts like he's talking on the phone to God. Sometimes he'll pause and whisper, "What was I going to ask?" It's sooo funny!


Adorable!!! That is so sweet.


That's too cute!!


Oh course that made me laugh...& cry! Parker is precious & SO sincere. He truely believes in prayer.

Janella Thompson

That is to funny!!! I was laughing outloud! I am sure in the near future that I will have some of my own laughs. I love reading about other kids antics. Kids are so funny.
(Yes Travis' mom has been coming to our church off and on since he was at our church in revival in the fall...she lives just down the road from our church.)

Beth Stetler

Hilarious! :-)


That is so cute. I was laughing out loud-enough my 4 year old was trying to figure out why I was laughing. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Waggoner

Hilarious! Made me think of the time that it was really late and I told Jalen to pray before bed. He was tired and didn't really want to. He knelt down and was back up in 2 sec. I looked at him and said did you pray? He said--I just said "ditto--to everything I said last night" I about lost it!