Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We're diaper free...Yipee!

I didn't want to post this too soon because I didn't want to jinx us, but after six years I think we are finally diaper free! (Doing Angie's happy dance right now!) Peyton decided a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to wear big boy undies! He got some in his stocking, we tried pull ups for a few days and he did really well! He was having trouble going poo in the potty and kept saying he didn't know how! I decided to try the big boy undies and figured he would either poop his pants or constipate himself! It took him a couple of days and I think he's finally figured it out! We're still using pull-ups at night and he cries every time he has to put them on! I can't believe after 6 years of carrying a diaper bag every where we went, I can actually carry a purse again! I'm sooooo glad to be out of the baby stage, never again to return either!!! :) Now if I can just get him to tell me when he needs wiped!!! Tonight he went poo in the potty, didn't wipe himself and didn't tell me until a few minutes later. So...we had a little mess in the undies department! :(

Yeah for Peyton, we're so proud of you!!



Yeah!!! My diaper bill has dropped drastically also. Now, if we can just Brycen to cooperate! I don't want to see them grow up too quickly...but some things make life much easier! And, maybe I can boot that diaper changing table out my door. Need it donated for the Jr. Church garage sale???

Great job, Peyton!

Tricia G.


Leanna Pitcher

CONGRATULATIONS! Can I join your club with at least one of my children? I would like to think the 3 year mark will make the difference in my house. Lindsey has it all down pat except for the poo and I am clueless as to how to help her. She's not scared, she just doesn't care :) ahhhh! I've got another 8 days till her birthday. I keep her in panties all the time at home but out and about I can't take the chance of a poo mess. LOL! Happy Belated Birthday to the twins!


YAY for Peyton and YAY for you!!! What a big boy!


Yay! Diapers are so expensive - I can't imagine having to buy for two at once!

Peggy B.



Way to go, Peyton!! (and then there are those of us who THOUGHT we were diaper free! lol!)


Good job! I sure was glad to quit buying diapers! BTW, I love your new look. I saw that one when I was looking for apples but there was no way I was gonna change it!


I knew you could do it, Peyton! You really are a big boy and a good boy!
Grandma Walden


Congrats!! Now you can go shopping for new purses since you don't have to carry a diaperbag anymore :o))


Good job Peyton! What a wonderful feeling...I've yet to experience it. Hopefully, Trevin will be with the little pros soon.


Yay for Peyton! That is such a relief, isn't it?!

Paula Cunningham

Yeah! That is awesome! I still have two to go! I will still be changing diapers for quite some time. I can see a dim light at the end of the tunnel though!


Yea for Peyton! If I didn't know you had a 6 yr. old, this post would sound like you had REALLY slow potty trainers, being that you had a kid in diaper for six yrs., HA!


I am awaiting the day!!! Allison will only be 18 months in May, but I'm gonna start her as soon as school is out, and with any luck, we'll be finished by the time it starts again! (This sounds like too good of a plan, doesn't it?) Glad you're done!