Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We finally got snow!!!!

We woke up this morning to approximately 6 inches of snow!
Our first actual accumulation of the year!
Our patio furniture...
Parker was so excited to have a snow day and couldn't wait to go outside and play in the snow.

He quickly discovered the snow was too powdery to build a snowman and so he played with the neighbor kids for quite a while. Some time later, I heard a knock on the garage door and opened it to find a crying 6 year old boy that was very cold...He said he feet were so cold they were burning! I quickly got him out of his wet clothes and had him lay by the fireplace to warm his feet. (What a mess those wet clothes are! Now I know why my mom didn't like for Jeff and I to play outside in the snow!) A warm bath quickly helped those frozen piggies and he was as good as new! I think we need to invest in some good snow boots before we let him go outside and play in the snow again!
It's sleeting here right now and we're supposed to get more snow tonight, so there's a chance that school will be cancelled again tomorrow! I'm scheduled to work tomorrow so they'll be with Grandma Sheila! :o)



Glad Parker got to play in the snow...but sorry his toes were so cold! I remember that feeling!!! Yep---it's payback time with all of those wet coats, scarves, socks & mittens! :)


I'm glad we could finally share the stuff. We have already had our 6 inches back in Dec. or sometime....We didn't get nothing but a dusting last night but we are getting some out of this second batch. 3 inches so far.


Congratulations on the snow! I believe we've had snow since Nov. The most we had at one time was about 14" I believe. I love the snow!


YAY for lots of snow! We haven't gotten enough to cancel school this year, but Kylie is telling me that the new school district superintendent is from North Dakota. I'm sure he has been laughing at our small snow accumulations.

I agree with you on the snowy, wet clothes. That's when I'm thankful my kids can come in through the garage, strip and throw their clothes in the laundry.

Glad Parker got to play in the snow!

Greg n Anna Cubs

We finally got snow too. The cold feet might not be the boots. try wool socks. Some socks pull the moisture away from the feet.


Boy, it really is a lot of work to let the kids go outside! But, they are only kids once, huh?! :)