Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday old man!!!

I'm busy taking down Christmas decorations but wanted to take a minute to wish my husband a very "Happy 33rd Birthday!" (You won't hear me making fun of his age, because I robbed the cradle 12 plus years ago!!!)
It seems like since the twins were born, he gets a bit jipped for his birthday celebrations! Their birthday is tomorrow. He wants to go out for dinner for his birthday supper and that is fine with me!!! I offered to cook but his excuse was he didn't want me to have to spend all afternoon and evening in the kitchen! :)

Sorry for the silent blog since Christmas! We've actually been very busy the past 2 weeks and for some reason, my laptop won't recognize my memory stick so I can't upload any new photos! Grrrrrrr..... I do believe someone sold us a lemon!

We enjoyed the Christmas season but are glad to be getting back to a normal routine as of tomorrow! Jonathan was off work from December 18th until today and said he might even work a double shift just to get out of the house longer! I think 18 days of being home 24/7 was about all he could take! My schedule was horrible this year, I think I worked about every other day the entire time he was off work! I love my job, but every year at Christmas, I ask myself why I chose this profession!!!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a Happy New Year so far, is still keeping all of their resolutions and getting back to normal! More to come, right now we've got to make a quick trip to Hallmark for birthday cards!!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!!

Karen, Parker, Peyton and Paige



Happy Birthday, Jonathon! Hope you have an enjoyable birthday dinner!

Angie Davis

Happy Birthday, Elvis!


Happy Birthday, "Jonny"! Wish we could be with you to celebrate!


Happy Birthday to our Son! We very much remember this day 33 years ago!
Love you lots!

Gene Davis

Happy birthday Karen are you really 12 years older than John?

Karen Walden

Uh........NO Gene!!! Right now we are only 1 year apart!!! (Until March rolls around!) :(

Amy Shearer

Happy Birthday JW!!!! Just look at it this way... you're younger than most of your friends :) (and your wife!)


Hope Jonathon had a Happy Birthday! As for the sharing a birthday that can stink but Daniel asked if I could please hang on til after 12:00 so Seth could be born on his b-day so I blame him that he has to share! :) I was thinking (like Gene) that you look pretty good for 45! I knew better but.....