Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of School 2011-2012

First day of school 2011-2012
Parker 3rd grade/Peyton & Paige Kindergarten

We've reached another new chapter in life. As of today, all three of our kids are now in school all day. They attend our churches Christian school, Bethel Holiness Christian School. Parker is a pro at school now, but this was something new for the twins. They all went to bed early last night without any problems and hopped right out of bed this morning. I can only hope they get up that easy every day! :) They were so excited when we got to school and I just made myself not think about it and survived without any tears being shed.

I'm excited about everything I am going to get done on my days off while they are at school. I have great plans to clean out closets and reorganize! I'm sure I won't get it all done, but I do have high hopes...

However, things will not get organized if I continue to sit here on my laptop...

Off to clean out the boys closet....



Awww...and when we came they were just babies!

Tricia G.

I was just thinking how little they were when Wes and Jen first moved there. Good grief! Enjoy your free time!! :)


It really doesn't seem possible that they are in school now. Yet, this past year I saw a big change in them & knew they were growing up. This will be good for all of you! Now if we can just quite spending an hour on the phone each day...maybe we will get some work done! : )

Angie Davis

They look SO cute!


Awww, its kind of sad, but they look so cute...all ready for school.

The Dickinsons

Very cute pics of your kids. Time does fly...doesn't it? I can't believe my oldest is in 8th grade this year! =)