Friday, March 25, 2011

Our romantic date....I should say not!!!!!!

Several weeks ago, Valentine's day weekend to be exact, we had some excitement around our household! (What's new, right! Something is always happening around here!)

Jonathan and I had been planning for weeks to have a nice, quiet Valentine's day date. Mom had agreed to watch our kids and I was dreaming of a juicy steak dinner. When the day arrived, I began to feel a bit guilty about not taking our kids with us so we decided to drag them along! First mistake of the weekend... ;o)

We decided on Outback Steakhouse in Indy and had a bit of a wait before we were seated. My nerves were somewhat frazzled already. As we were sliding into our booth, the waiter was greeting us and asking for our drink orders. I was trying to do the waiter a favor and asked if he could bring Parker an adult size sweet tea! (2nd mistake of the weekend...) The waiter brought our drinks back to the table and began passing them out. Parker was making a huge deal over getting the paper off of his straw and all of a sudden....crash! His entire glass of tea toppled over and came pouring across the table at me, landing in my lap! Lovely.... :( My stress level instantly rose dramatically and Parker was in tears. The waiter tried to make Parker feel better by telling him that once he spilled a glass of pop in a customer's lap and it was that person's birthday! It didn't help...

Parker then gets a kids cup with a lid, much to his dismay, and still managed to knock that one over as well! He dropped utensils, etc. during the meal and I was pretty sure he had butterfingers by the time the night was over. It was a stressful meal indeed but the steak was awesome!

Late that night, after we were home and ready for bed, Parker decided to poor himself a glass of tea! You guessed it...............he spilled it all over my kitchen counter! What in the world?!?!

We crawled into bed after midnight anxious to get a good night's rest before Sunday! For some strange reason, I woke up a little after 1am and needed to use the bathroom! I had just gone at midnight and I never do that! (I'm pretty sure now, that God woke me up!) I went to the hall bathroom, which I never do either, and as I came back into our room, I heard a strange sound! (Not Jonathan's snoring either!) :o) I couldn't figure out what it was so I woke Jonathan up! I asked him, "What is that noise over there on your side of the bed?" He listened for a few seconds and came flying out of bed and said, "It's a leak!" I immediately looked up at the ceiling and even in the dark room, I could see a horrible sight! I turned on the lights and to my dismay, I saw a HUGE mess! Something had leaked all over our ceiling and was dripping through the ceiling and onto our carpet, just a few inches shy of hitting Jonathan in bed! Jonathan spoke up and said, "If our ceiling looks like this, then our upstairs is flooded!"

(All of a sudden, I had a flash back of a conversation that Parker and I had earlier than evening! Parker had told me that he had stopped up the toilet upstairs, but that he had "fixed it!" I remembered asking him if it was okay now and he said yes so I congratulated him on taking care of it on his own!) 3rd mistake..............

Jonathan and I bolted upstairs to find the toilet completely overflowing from out of the top of the bowl and onto my bathroom floor. The water was going down by the baseboard and right into our bedroom! We quickly got it unclogged and all the water sopped up and went back down to figure out what in the world we were going to do!

I tried to soak up the water from the ceiling by throwing a towel up there. 4th mistake.......... I poked a hole in the ceiling!!!!!! Water came pouring out! A 911 call to my dad was made and we figured out it was probably good that I had made a hole! We listened to it drip all night and fill my kitchen trash can nearly half full!

I didn't dare tell Parker it was his fault. He had enough problems earlier that evening to cause self esteem issues to last a lifetime! ;o)

My ceiling is still a lovely shade of brown and is about 10 feet long. Peyton declares it's the shape of a giant's foot! ;o) I need to get it repainted but am really dreading the huge mess as the entire ceiling has to be painted. Ugh.....

So, even though I haven't blogged in months, crazy things have still been happening around our house. I just haven't sat down to take the time to blog about them!


Angie Davis

I'm tempted to laugh over this, but I'm afraid it'll happen here! :)


Just smile, Angie! :) I'm waiting on IHC this year. It should be really good since there wasn't any mishaps last year!!!


Well, at least I got you to post! pretty well scared us to death about 1:30 in the morning with a phone call. didn't tell that it happened again a few days later. :)

Greg & Stephanie

What a nightmare! Yeah, we don't have good luck with the kids at Outback, either. At least it's one Valentine's Day you'll never forget! :)


Sorry Karen, but I'm chuckling over this one. You have a great way of painting word pictures and I'm just imagining it all. Hopefully next Valentines Day will be better:)

Jody J

Thanks so much for sharing! Sorry, but had to laugh! I'm sure it was no laughing matter while you were in the midst of it. I'm with Jenny.....can't wait til IHC! ;)

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