Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He's growing up too fast...

Monday, August 16th, 2010 marked the first day of school for Parker. He is now a 2nd grader at Bethel Holiness Christian School. He was excited about going back to school and seeing his friends but said he just wanted to be able to go to school, but not do any work. I took him to school and asked him if he needed my help in carrying his stuff into his classroom. He replied..."NO, Mom! I can get it just fine, you don't need to walk me in!" :( So I said my goodbye and drove off. I began to think about how quickly he is growing up on us!
He will be 8 years old in September and weighs just shy of 100 pounds! Jonathan looked up in his school book to see how old he was when he reached 100 pounds and he was in the 7th grade! I had to buy him size 14 shirts and his "husky" pants from last year are quite snug around the middle. I wonder how big he'll be, will he be bigger than his Daddy and what will he one day become?!
On that sentimental note...I hear laundry and housework calling my name!



Parker is growing up and acting like a normal little boy. Where does he get his bigness from? Like you said, Jonathan was skinny till around 7th grade. Donnie was always skinny until he started weight lifting. Both of them were nice and slim on their wedding days.
Mom Walden


He might slim down again! I wish my kids were still little! I miss those days. I liked it best when Abby was just a baby...even though Jonathon was only 5 they were good days for us!


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