Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'd do it all over again...

It was a beautiful summer day, on July 6th, 1996. A day I had dreamed about for many years. I was about to become Mrs. Jonathan Walden! We had fallen in love at a youth camp in July of 1991 and had 5 happy years of dating.

He proposed to me in July of 1995, in the middle of a wheat field, on a huge John Deere tractor, on his sister and brother-in-laws farm.

I thought our wedding day would never arrive. We were counting the days and the hours until we would be married! I was afraid the Lord would return before we got married!!

That beautiful summer day finally arrived and our wedding was a dream come true. I was the luckiest girl in the world! (I still am by the way!)

Now, 14 years later...here we are...."So happy together!"

Happy Anniversary Jonathan. I love you SO much!

Thanks for letting me be your wife and for choosing me out of all the girls in the world! I'm so glad you did!

I Love you!



Happy "I'd do it all over again!"


So happy for you too! And I know the feeling...I remember before you were born thinking that I wanted to have my baby before the Lord came back! And now look what all I have...

I'm glad you feel like you would do it all over again!

Vanessa Froelich

Happy Anniversary!

Peggy B.

Happy Anniversary. May you have many, many more!

Angie Davis

Happy anniversary, you two! Hope it just keeps getting better!

A Peek Into My Life

Happy Anniversary! I think it's funny about being afraid the Lord would come back before you got to get married. We all had that same fear, I guess! LOL