Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are blessed...

Monday started out as a typical day at the Walden household. Jonathan's alarm went off bright and early as he prepared to head back to Winamac for another long week away from home. My alarm went off just a few minutes later and I headed to work for a long, twelve hour day. I talked to Jonathan a couple of times during the day on Monday, and everything seemed to be "routine!" Like I do every night on my way home from work, I called Jonathan to chat with him on my short trip home. While we were talking, I heard a dog bark on his end of the line and thought to myself, "There's no dogs up there..." but never asked him about it. He asked me where I was at on my 5 minute trip home, and I didn't think anything of it. As I turned onto our street, my heart immediately began to pound with fear! I blurted into the phone..."Jonathan, there's a man standing in my driveway!" He replied, "Oh yeah??? We'll who is it?" As I drove closer I responded, "It's you!!!!!!" I can't begin to explain the excitement I immediately felt! I began asking all kinds of questions and he told me to just hang up the phone so we could talk in person! :)
He proceeded to tell me that his boss had called him into his office on Monday and was asking him all kinds of questions. Some were pertaining to if he was happy, and one in particular was..."Would you like to work from home another day?" Obviously, you know his answer was "Yes!!!"
So, God heard and answered our prayers in a completely different way than what we were asking! We were praying for Daddy to get a job closer to home! All we were really asking for was that Daddy could be home more during the week! If everything works out as planned, Jonathan will only have to be away from home one night a week! You can imagine how excited the kids and I are over this news! He'll be traveling back and forth more and that'll make me nervous, but I'll be such a happy wife to have him home in the evenings again!
A Gaither Vocal Band song has been going over and over in my mind this week...
"God is good, yes He is, He's good all the time..."


Tricia G.

That is an answer to prayer!!! So happy for you guys!

Angie Davis

Wonderful news! God had it under control...


Wonderful, wonderful news! God is in the details....


That's good news, Karen!! One night a week is so much better. Thank the Lord!


I know you all are very excited about this. Peyton must know that this is an answer to those many prayers he made sure they added to their table blessing! What a good lesson for your kids! I'm a happy MIL! :)


So happy for you all!! God is good!!


Wonderful! I am so happy to hear how God has answered prayer.